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I would classify as invasive any chakra cord that seeks to override or co-opt the life force of another. It is a direct theft of prana, and a loss of adult freedom of choice. While there are multiple influences upon the development of our everyday personality when we have been energetically invaded by another (or even by a group consciousness) we are being unknowingly dominated by the other. The creative power of the human mind is such that the wiring of energetic connection can be used in relational predatory ways that are detrimental to our well being, and to our personal and spiritual development.

Three common symptoms of invasive chakra cord are numbing, habitual usage (often leading to resignation), and the active denial of a truth.

  1. Numbing: When an invasive cord attaches to the head of the chakra it resembles a fish hook or a cord with suckers at its terminus. Like the insect bite it resembles this cord will numb the chakra, thereby restricting its natural functioning. As an example, with an invasive cord in the Second chakra an individual will experience reduced tactile feeling in their animal (sensual) body, as well as possible immune system compromises.
  2. Habitual Usage : Some invasive cords have been with an individual most of their lives, possible put in place by a parent or other caretaker. The invasion effects (energy drain, lack of freedom or personal development experienced in adulthood) are now considered inevitable or karmic by that person: the individual simply cannot imaging a life without being controlled, or drained.
  3. Active Denial: One of the major hurdles in personal development work is the psycho-emotional structures that support denial in our lives. The truth of our situation can be clearly seen by another who is outside of any denial system, but those within the system will actively work to refuse to acknowledge what is really going on. Invasive cords that support denial are often group (shared identity) cords; everyone in the family or group agrees to agree on the same view of reality. This type of networked cord system commonly supports political propaganda, for instance, or efforts that are designed to keep our attention from wandering where it really should go; to the discovery of an important truth.

Removing invasive chakra cords should bring significant results into an individuals life, usually in the form of increased energy, more awareness about the life issue the cord represents, and individual freedom of choice. It is also essential for spiritual development of all kinds, as we must be free to grow in our own direction and not be induced to support the agenda of others. Once the cord is removed the chakra will begin the return to its natural and healthy state, slowly improving the mental and emotional lives of the former victim. They will resume their spiritual evolution, now unfettered by the outside influence.

Invasive cords are those that most energy healers will intuitively attempt to “cut”. But my preference is to remove the invasive cord at its terminus, rather than attempt to traumatize the energy body even further with “cutting” techniques. After cord removal an individual will have much more prana available for their energy system, which is now available for satisfying life pursuits, relationships, or personal and spiritual evolution.

The energetic connections we make with others link us chakra to chakra. Our relationships with others are heavily dependent upon these non-physical connections. This is the second article on this web site that focuses on one important application of chakra cord work to our healing process: removal of the invasive cord. It is important because invasive cord removal can speed up our healing process dramatically, just as extracting the hook from a hornet sting enhances the healing process.

It’s very common when healers implement invasive cord removal that, as the client start to change (or shift, or clear their energy system) the originator of the invasive cord attempt to make contact with the client. Prior to invasive cord work the client should be prepared to face their relationship with honesty and courage, as invasive cord work confronts personal issues at a visceral level. As noted in part one of this article, invasive cords symptoms may include some form of energy loss (fatigue, or emotional depression), obsessional thoughts (of the other person, or fears of a life without them), or an actual sensation of pain in the associated chakra.

As we explore the different levels of these invasive cords I want to stress that just because an individual sends out such a cord it does not make them a bad, or evil, person. Invasive cords are a common but often inappropriate use of the relational energy field system. The person sending the cord is attempting to use manipulation or seduction to get what they want: by extending chakra cords rather than entering into a dialogue or a mutual negotiation with another person.

Invasive cords are commonly found entering the second chakra, the fourth chakra, or the Sixth chakra. This are the “intake” chakras, as defined by Rosalyn Bruyere. Their function is to allow deep contact with the outer world, for various levels of intimacy and sharing. However, the very nature of intake chakras leaves them vulnerable for exploitation and “hijacking” efforts by the unconscious motivations – and energy systems – of others. Invasive cords will also be found in the other chakras, but rather than feeding off our needs and desires these other cords misdirect an authentic perception rather than supporting a recognizable truth. For instance, a third chakra invasive cord may turbo-charge our childhood conditioning that our own needs in a relationship are secondary to the other persons needs. Co-dependent behavior can be enhanced by such a third chakra invasive cord, in effect misappropriating the victim’s life force for themselves.

These distinctions – invasive cord draining of energy in input chakras (chakra 2,4,6) and misappropriation of relational needs in the other chakras (chakra 1,3, 5) helps the Therapeutic Energy Healing to orientate the energy work so as to plug any symbolic Achilles heel of the client’s chakra system. After the invasive cord removal the chakra that has been affected can be supported to repair and grow into fullness. These two events – invasive cord removal followed by chakra-specific healing- often lead to rapid change in the clients life. By regaining the life force formally drained from them (or, in many cases, given away freely) clients often experience a surge of personal growth advancing their personal evolution. When you are no longer invaded by the relational cords draining or influencing you, then you can anchor back into your own life. You get your life back. You begin to change.

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