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my issue or my family’s issue?

Chakra cords connect us to others; we both send and receive information along these energetic lines of contact. As we all know, relationships require some effort in order to make them work well. But the Western way of improving relationships via a psychotherapeutic personal process is relatively new to society.

Prior to the advent of the 1960’s and 1970’s relationships had models (assumed frameworks) within which individuals could pattern themselves. Adults aligning themselves with the excepted social relationship pattern of the day (the “traditional” marriage) and then would be carried along various stages over the course of a lifetime: courtship, marriage, mortgage, children, and finally retirement. As these generational-specific social patterns have eroded over the past thirty years (resulting in high rates of divorce and family breakups) the psychotherapy model heroically stepped in to save the day. “Look at your issues”, said the psychotherapists, “and let us show you how to work through any problem in your relationships.”

But one problem with this approach is that most people want others to change; very few people want to embrace significant change for themselves, or to engage in what one psychotherapist termed “The hard-work miracle”: personal development. Additionally, change is not the act of simply changing our minds and then making a new choice; many of the patterns in our relationships flow from a source other than our personal history. The apparent power that our relationship patterns have in our lives is strongly embedded and reinforced in our habitual actions. To the energy healer, these forces flow along chakra cords and are fueled by heritage-based Astral thought forms. To the energy healer your relationship issue may not necessarily be your issue: it may be a heritage/DNA issue, fueled by your ancestor’s unresolved emotional challenges.

Layered within each chakra cord lies your heritage habits, like growth rings on a tree, where your family patterns will await the right time and circumstances to become active in your life. When triggered, these family patterns attract a series of events or individuals into your life as a way to perpetuate their particular pattern. These repeating family dynamics are often masked from sight because they may skip a generation. Your personal life issues are most likely variations on your grandmother’s or grandfathers challenges, either maternal or paternal. In order to get to your personal development you have to peel away – and resolve – your family “karma”. This is always easier said, of course, than done.

While I am a big fan of psychotherapy as an essential tool to process our personal and relationship issues I feel more tools are needed on our transformational journey through life. We often need to clear away – or in some cases, connect to – the energetic patterning of our ancestors so we can see the new choices available beyond our current family situation. Clearing or connecting to the DNA/heritage patterns within the auric field is arguably more important than a past life healing as heritage issues are eternally present to our consciousness system, whereas past life issues are most often traumatic events left unresolved in the astral component of the auric field. Of course it is important to work through any incomplete death or unresolved life, but heritage/DNA cord work is usually far closer to home. It lives in each human cell, in real time, supported by memories held in both the physical and the auric field.

If there is a regular sequence my clients follow it is this: triage (get out of immediate danger), healing (resolve shock or trauma to the energy system, and then return the client to the earlier developmental state), reflexive personal process (learning to work through adult personal challenges in an effective way), and then to glimpse new opportunities, which is followed by improved relationships and other events that take your life to a new and improved level. One of the keys to moving through this sequence is the awareness and clearing of heritage patterns. Think of it as a jump out of your usual outcome, and into a new evolutionary stream of development.

In many cases, we are also separated from the energetic support offered by our ancestors. This is the reason Asian people honor their ancestors, and keep shrines to important people: even though an ancestor has died he or she can still influence the family member in the present. We can still draw upon their blessing, support, and consciousness, because we have an energetic chakra cord connection to them. This can be helpful if you are not supported by your birth parents; you can reach back to grand-parents, great-grandparents, and great-great grandparents, to find energetic support. The maximum limit appears to be four generations.

So, what if your relationship issues were not only your issues? How would it change things for you, to know that you were acting upon the unsolved relationship dynamics of your ancestors? Or, what if you had the support of your family heritage beyond that given to you by your parents? Things could change, you would change, and your life could be different.

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