Guru chakra

an aspect of our higher nature

With the Astral healing work, and with my specialty of chakra cord connection clearing, I will rarely include the so-called Chakra Seven, or Sahasrara chakra. While there are esoteric systems that do work with the highest chakras I tend mostly towards focusing on the health and healing of infant mind chakras (Muladhara to Manipura) and the adult mind chakras (Anahata to Ajna). But there is one higher chakra that figures prominently in Therapeutic Energy Healing sessions, at the end of any cycle of personal growth: the Guru chakra.

My reasons for working with this chakra are practical rather than metaphysical. I find that tremendous value is added to the overall effectiveness of my sessions with clients when (at the end of a Six Session Series) I encourage the etheric connections of the Guru chakra to deepen into the energetic structure of the brain, and the other chakras. The idea is to strengthen the higher nature of my client with that of their present personality: to bridge everyday consciousness with the client’s soul identity.

This can be helpful in many ways, one of which is to create greater meaning in the client’s life so as to help explain some of the challenges he or she is currently facing. Another is to deepen the acceptance of their spiritual nature, and support their search for gaining higher states of consciousness.

The Guru chakra (in Therapeutic Energy Healing system) is located about two inches above the head, hovering just above the Crown chakra. It is a tiny chakra, resembling an ovoid or torus shape, and seems to function as a doorway into the soul wisdom of each person. When we are born, the Crown chakra coincides with the anterior fontanel, or “soft spot”, and the Guru chakra “downloads” information into the developing brain by utilizing this physical and energetic opening. At death, our consciousness departs up through this same opening, traveling up the “tunnel of light” (Sushumna, which follows the path of the spinal cord) and into the “doorway filled with light” (Guru chakra).

Personal and spiritual growth does not only come from a mental understanding our lives; it also comes to us unbidden … through grace, or via serendipitous insight. Such changes or shifts in consciousness can flow to us more easily when the Guru chakra is energized or activated (traditionally this is done via the efforts – or presence – of an initiated spiritual teacher). Whatever activates the trigger, either a spiritual teacher or your energy healer, having the support of our higher nature can only be a good thing. Inviting connections from the Guru chakra into the energetic brain and chakra centers adds positive impetus to our journey of awakening, and towards transformation. When we are ready, the Guru chakra will help show us our path.

This suggests that the Guru chakra is, fundamentally, an important aspect of our own higher nature.

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