The First Session of the Six Session Series

root and personal boundary

The Six Session Series is an in-depth healing event that extends over six weeks, where each 50 minute healing will focus on one major chakra, and its relational cords to other people. The Six Session format initiates a powerful and therapeutic impact on the client, either in reducing or eliminating energetic restrictions, or by providing access to inner personal growth resources. The Six Session Series is a synergistic healing, in that the chakras are addressed individually, but the energy and transformation impact of each session is enhanced by previous work done on related energy centers. Additionally, relational chakra cord work, along with self-attachment cords, boosts the health, clarity, and functional effectiveness, of the client’s emotional (or astral) body.

Therapeutic Dialogue

The dialogue between Dean and the client at the beginning of each Six Session Series encompasses both relevant personal history, addresses significant people and relationships in the client’s life, and stays focused on the goals for the Six Session Series itself. The idea is to organize each Six Session Series towards a specific outcome that serves personal health, emotional clearing, or the processing of a significant relationship towards a positive outcome. The spoken part of each session is neither counseling nor psychotherapy, but rather a vital way to provide meaningful context and support for the energy healing work. As such, Six Session Series can either be taken as a single intensive healing, or several Series can be linked together, one after the other, for an extended period of ongoing support and personal transformation.

The First Session energy work

The First Session energy work of the Six Session Series begins with Chakra One, which is addressed through auric boundary clearing, and energetic rooting into the living planet beneath us. This important session provides the foundation for more radical chakra cord work in the following five sessions of any Series.

At the beginning of each Six Session Series preparation for deeper work in the auric energy system is put in place by a deep cleaning of the auric energy boundary of the client. Etheric contact is made by the healer, either at a distance or in person, and a specific cleaning frequency is applied to the boundary, clearing away hindrances or influences on the client that have been put in place by others, or by the environment.

This process initiates a growth process in the auric field, which proceeds into chakra cord clearing work, and self-cord reinforcement.

The First Session provides the client with a reinforcement MP3 recording, which he or she can optionally take advantage of between sessions. The frequencies of the deep cleaning will be more effective following two or more passive listening sessions with this recording, and it is left to each client to decide on how much to use the recording.

Results of The First Session

This healing session assists the client by:

  1. Reducing or removing emotional energies of others that have adhered to their auric boundary
  2. Encourage sensitivity to their inner feeling world, and the supportive intuition within themselves
  3. Support increased safety in being in the physical and emotional bodies
  4. Familiarized the client’s auric field with the Therapeutic Energy Healing work flow: to clean, reveal, clear relational chakra cords, awaken the full function of the chakra system, and to increase the effectiveness of self-attachment/self-anchoring chakra cords

The First Session often includes a boost of energetic grounding protocols, designed to increase auric field connections into the earth beneath the client, and the natural world around them. All change requires additional life force energy in order to break out of habitual patterns or loops. The First Session rooting and grounding helps to prepare the client’s energy field for any approaching changes or transformations.

After 5-7 days of integration, and optional use of the Reinforcement Recording, the client moves on to the Second Session of the Six Session Series.

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