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Welcome! This page introduces you to Dean Ramsden’s Therapeutic Energy Healing system, from the perspective of a new client. Start your work with a Single Session, and then you can choose to progress further into either a Big Three Mini-Series, or a Six Session Series.

Every Single Session or Six Session Series begins with Dean and you, the client, reviewing the current situation in the client’s life, and assigning some goals for the Series. Experienced clients can review previous work done, and identify areas for improvement, or where they can break new ground in the ongoing personal, or emotional, growth.

Each Single session or series of sessions begins with you sending Dean a pre-session email, one that outlines personal history (unless this has already been sent in on a previous session) and your goals for the work. Dean will review this and use it to organize and streamline your session. For the first session, please also enclose two recent photographs: one of your head only, and the second of your entire body. You can use a mirror, and your smart phone camera, for instance, to do this easily.

Dean suggests keeping a journal or diary of changes, dreams, insights or shifts in your outer situation or life, over the six weeks of working. Writing down such changes helps to solidify them for the client, and provide additional focus for the relational energy work. Alternately, print out your pre-session emails to Dean, for your own review, so you can track shifts and changes in your personal journey.

If possible with your schedule, choose a day and time for your Series that can be utilized every week, for all the three or six sessions. Ideally, you will need an hour or more after the session, to integrate the work. Please try not to jump right back into your busy life right after a session.

A headset with a microphone attached to it, will also give you a better media experience, rather than listening to the session through your computer’s speakers, or using the built-in microphone. If possible, use a headset.

You won’t have to take notes during your session, as Dean will audio-record it for you, and send you a download link after the session. Reviewing the dialogue using the mp3 recording can bring additional insights, and reviewing the actual healing work may reinforce the original session for you. Reinforcement recordings links are emailed to you a few hours after your session.

Session options

Each Six Session Series is a stand-alone block of work that aims to support the client in either releasing emotional or other energies that inhibit change or full health, or it aims to assist any current evolutionary personal change the client is undergoing. Six individual sessions, working with six major chakra centers, provide an impetus for deep change in the client’s energy consciousness field.

This format is quite versatile, in that either the Six Session Series can be used for short-term work objectives, or that the client can choose to link together several Six Session Series, to deepen and sustain their progress over several months.

Single sessions can also be requested, either as a booster for previous work done, or to aid the effectiveness of other healing modalities, and even as an add-on session to extend any Six Session Series. The Six Session Series creates a synergistic effect of six, weekly sessions that all work towards one end: change, or a new choice appearing, for the client.

A second important feature is that, although this work is not a substitute for psychotherapy, it utilizes many of the same concepts and information, such as boundaries, emotional honesty with self and others, and fully embraces professional ethics. Unlike psychotherapy, however, this therapeutic style follows and adapts to the inner process of the client, and what he or she is in the process of revealing to themselves. This is similar to some forms of Shamanism, where the ritual elder helps the community member gain access to that which is lost to them, or to surmount a health or emotional crisis.

Thirdly, the Six Session Series is guided by a map of psycho-spiritual development that sees each major chakra as holding specific developmental tasks, and providing the client with essential inner resources. The assumption is that all human beings are “pre-wired” for psycho-energetic evolution, and that the healer’s task is to help the client access, and fully utilize, their innate potential.

Fourthly, a Therapeutic Energy Healing approach factors in the vital importance of our connections to others, which psychic individuals perceive as translucent, thin strands of etheric energy between people. These are the chakra “cords”, and they provide vital emotional and other energies to us all, on our quest to become fully human, and also individuated. A unique part of Therapeutic Energy Healing work is with chakra “self-cords”: tiny strings that sprout out of each relational cord, and anchor the life experience gained in that relationship into the chakra system.

Finally, work is done between the two dimensions of the Etheric, or structured, energy body, and the Astral, or emotional energy body of the client. These two separate skill sets are combined together, clearing emotional energy from etheric structures, or making micro-tweaks to the etheric body itself. Dean finds that only a small energetic shift may be needed to get a powerful, and sustainable, result for the client.

This specialized form of therapeutic energy healing is very effective at a distance. The sessions are done over Zoom or Apple FaceTime, and are reinforced by recording each session onto an mp3 audio file, for later use by the client. Each session of the Six Session Series can be repeated one or more times, allowing a deepening or reinforcement effect from the original session.

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Relational chakra cord styles

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