About Dean

Dean was born in England, in 1956. He began his working life as a research assistant scientist for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. In 1984, he emigrated to the United States of America. This was the beginning of a long journey that would include studies in Asian Martial Arts, Hakomi mind/body therapy, Body-Centered psychotherapies, Hypnotherapy, and Qi Gong Therapist training.

Dean began initially began his work as an energy healer using Qi Gong, in 1987, in upstate New York, and was heavily influenced by the late Dr T.K. Shih, and Rev. Rosalyn L. Bruyere. He graduated from a four-year healer training course (1988-1992) at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and then became employed as the BBSH PS2 Class Dean (1993-2003), developing curriculum and teaching classes, as well as later serving terms as Vice President of BBI, and Head of Teacher Training. In 1997 he graduated from a three-year professional program in psychological studies at The Center for Intentional Living, in New York State. He resigned from Barbara Brennan Inc. in 2003, so as to be able to develop and teach his own style of energy healing work.

He has taught Therapeutic Energy Healing courses for The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and an undergraduate course at Kyushu University, Japan.

Dean Ramsden is an innovator in the field of Therapeutic Energy Healing, a synergistic approach combining energy healing, chakra development, chakra relational cords, and Astral energy healing. His profession skills training program is called Relational Energy Healing, and can be added on to existing training for healers.

Dean works over Zoom offering energy healing, private tutoring, and public online teaching programs. Dean teaches a unique developmental and evolutionary approach to energy healing /psychology, spiritual healing, and to improving our personal relationships. Soul growth – and our human relationships – can be enhanced and healed through the clearing of psychic energy connections to others. The ultimate aim of Therapeutic Energy Healing work is to support your soul growth on the journey towards the awakening into your full potential.

Dean currently resides in South East Asia.