Sympathetic Resonance Healing

the transmission of an effect

One of the most helpful energy healing skills available to us to help people is sympathetic resonance energy healing. This is where the resonance of a known healing agent is energetically “copied” and then resonated to the client, either in-person or over any distance. For example, the analgesic resonance of Arnica can be energetically “memorized” by the energy healer and then transmitted to the energy field of the client so as to help reduce the client’s pain. If a more powerful effect is needed, the healer can resonate and transmit Lidocaine-like frequences. So, how is this skill attained?

The two methods of learning to do resonant work will depend upon your own style of healing. If you are a kinesthetic-orientated healer you will need to get you hands on – or within – the target substance. Hold it in your hands, rub it over your palm, or connect into it while under its influence. The idea is to “memorize” or fix within your mind-body consciousness, the energetic signature of the substance as well as its intended result upon the client. You will need to be able to access this “signature” later, and transmit it when needed.

The second method does not require a physical experience but only the ability to successfully fixate upon the substance being used, plus a request towards your healing team (spirit guides, etc) to assist you in attuning to the resonance. This has the added advantage of an amplification effect: the energy of you, the healer, working synergistically along with your spirit guides, may have a more far-reaching or penetrating effect on your client than only the medical benefits of the resonance alone.

Sympathetic resonance work should take into account some of the same cautions that medical practitioners use when choosing to use any material-world healing substance. For instance, if I resonate acetylsalicylic acid (more commonly known as aspirin) I should be aware of its blood-thinning properties, as well as the problems some clients have with gastrointestinal bleeding. If my client also has an ulcer, for instance, resonant aspirin energy work would be contraindicated, and I may choose to resonate Ibuprofen frequencies instead.

Side effects of resonant energies are far less than the actual material substances, but the more powerful a resonator you are as a healer the more you run the risk of triggering something unhelpful in the client’s body. This is one good reason why this particular skill should be learned only by intermediate-level healers who already have some knowledge of basic medical interactions, along with basic physiology. Ideally, a medical professional such as a Physician or Nurse can adopt this skill into their energy healers “tool-box”, as they have both the medical knowledge base to pull from as well as easier access to the actual substances, allowing them to practice prior to usage.

A good compromise for your average non-medically-trained healer is to have some all-purpose resonance skills that are helpful and yet non-specific to any actual substance. An analgesic resonance, a swelling-reduction resonance, a physical-trauma-recovery resonance, and a enhance-white-blood-cells resonance, are all tremendously helpful in triage cases with a client.

This particular skill has its historical roots in ancient Qi Gong or Chinese Energy Healing methods of the past. If the Chinese physician did not have access to a certain medicinal herb or other healing substance, he or she would resonate it, energetically, over the acupuncture point that was most appropriate. Another approach was to infuse the needed resonance into water, or add its energetic imprint into a general tonic, so as to take advantage of the slow and steady fluid absorption by the body. Homeopaths and other vibrational energy professionals will have no difficulty in recognizing these principles, as will those familiar with Masaru Emoto’s work on the effect of consciousness upon the molecular structure of water.

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