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In Relational Energy Therapy, we first follow the initial protocol of working with each major chakra, its relational cords, and its developmental state, one per week when following a Six Session Series. This creates a synergistic spiral healing effect, one that increases flow and the richness of experience throughout the client’s energy system. Starting with the first chakra (boundary and rooting), moving into the second chakra (initial and intimate attachments to others), through the third chakra and its internal map of how things work in the world, all of which blossoms into the fourth chakra and our psycho-emotional individuation. From here, the fifth chakra articulates our individuation, and the sixth chakra further penetrates through the many dimensional layers of our reality, letting us see the diverse and multi-layered universe through the inner eye.

Once we have the main developmental stages held in each chakra and its cording system, we can then turn to an equally important issue: Chakra Stage Transition, where we move from one developmental chakra towards the one above it. Each chakra can be seen to be paired with the one higher in the system, such that the lower of the two chakras acts as the foundation for the leap to a higher stage of integration. So, the first chakra is the necessary foundation for healthy and effective second chakra functioning, and so on.

An example of Chakra Stage Transition wor

One of these major stages in the progression of energy healing work done in spiralling chakra work, is the shift from the third chakra (manipura) into the fourth chakra (anahata). By necessity, the third chakra forms goals and develops ideals, based on the inner map the self creates of its perception of the universe, and of itself. These goals help to awaken the creativity and individuation energies in the self, and are major developmental accomplishments for every human being. Only by setting a goal, achieving it, and then setting more lofty goals based on success, can we develop and strengthen the third chakra.

But once we begin to shift into fourth chakra development, the very strengths of the third chakra, as well as any weak development or unresolved early material, can interfere with the spiritual and emotional surrender needed to open and charge the fourth chakra. Historically, this process is addressed though the strong-willed individual taking on acts of service, or submitting the developed ego identity to a role as helper or support for others. Compassion is then experienced, as we open up the strong self to the many other sentient beings who may or may not have attained individuation. Spiritual service opens the heart chakra, and mitigates the self-serving goals of the third chakra.

But just as important to fourth chakra development as taking on service towards others, is the element of being and fully experiencing “what is”: to learn how to tolerate the “is-ness” of the other, or of any situation or event. Buddhism makes much of its focus on this shift from psycho-emotional focus into a non-dual or lucid experience of the world. By an individual being with what is truly present for him or her, in the relationship with another, or with other situations in the world, the heart learns not only to work on compassion, but also on moving from a linear time goal-orientated mind (third chakra functioning) into the non-linear, open state of being with what “is”. In that state, there is no clear outcome, or guaranteed results as come from our third chakra stage planning. The heart chakra is open and mysterious, loving what it loves for no rational reason, and suffering the loss of idealized outcomes, taking on both loss and gain as two sides of the same experience.

The heart chakra learns to both surrender to things greater than the needs of the self (acts of service) as well as exploring the vast territory of being with what is, and learning how to tolerate it without judgemental suffering. This is a tall order for human beings, as we have seen that we first develop agency (how to get things to happen), and then only can move effectively into the heart stage of long term relational connections, ones that expose us to emotional conditions we cannot change: either the psycho-emotional individuality of others, or the psycho-emotional nature of our own, authentic, self.

In Therapeutic Energy Healing we want to fully clear and charge the client’s lower energy centers, and support the agency and personal power that culminates in us claiming a healthy third chakra development. Then, we help the client experience the challenges of their fourth chakra opening (i.e., to what is, and to their self-care) by aligning with the forces of what-is, rather than the third chakra assumptions of what should be. It is in this apparent contradiction, between the third and fourth chakra function, where our spiritual transformation truly manifests in our individation process. First we develop an effective sense of empowered self (a healthy third chakra) only to offer that same self up for sacrifice … to the reality of what is, not what we, the egoic self, want it to be.

This is symbolized in many different ways, in many varied cultures, in the sacrifice of the Hero or Heroine, in service of a greater, community, goal. As the individuated self is literally dismantled or maimed by any act of sacrifice, so the heart chakra begins to awaken, and to come into our awareness. Similarly, in the training of energy healers, the” wounded healer” is not a backward step, but a necessary one on the way to opening the individual, and universal, heart. We gain more self by losing what we have worked so hard to achieve: independent and personalized power. The developing heart chakra subsumes that important development, and blends it with a wider, greater reality: that which is, and which is beyond our third chakra stage knowing to comprehend.

This is equivalent to the experience of the mystics, and of those seeking transformational shifts towards a higher reality. In fourth chakra development we strive not to submit to others, or to the goals of the critical inner self, but strive to open ourselves to the power of the sacred heart. This powerful heart growth stage will shake us up, create discomfort and perhaps suffering, as our third chakra selves strive to bring it into line with our personal goals and needs. But the heart has its own timing, and its own way. Being with the heart, in all its phases and expressions, dissolves the power of the egoic self, leaving us enriched and deeply in touch with our humanity. We lose something precious – our individuated sense of self – but gain a glimpse of the universal heart of reality. We struggle with personal love, to eventually rise in universal love, and into acceptance of what is.

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We are pre-wired for personal growth

We are pre-wired for personal growth

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Activating chakra potential

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