The First Chakra

safety, rooting, self boundary

Working with the First Chakra function (Muladhara) is a vital part of Relational Energy Therapy. All of us need a healthy and vibrant physical body. Exercise and healthy food supply the red chakra with much of what it needs, but we also need to be rooted into the etheric web of the Earth. We must be in energetic contact with the living planet beneath us.

In therapeutic energy work, the First Chakra generates the auric field boundary (in conjunction with the Second Chakra emotional energies), and draws essential life force from living planet beneath us, as well as from our connection to nature itself.

Mother Earth is the base note, the fundamental beat, of our physical manifestation. Without her maternal support we cannot grow up strong; we dare not take on the risk to become fully potent, passionately alive. And without such aliveness, we will never develop into our full potential: as fully embodied creative and spiritual beings.

Our animal body is the link between Earth and Spirit, and is the launching pad for our wings of divine desire. Our sensual nature urges us to fly, to feast, to hunt, to survive… and to fully immerse ourselves in the Divine creation. And then, from the depths of matter, we begin to awaken.

The first chakra is linked with the ovaries and testes: the life-generating endocrine glands. Our animal body springs from the earth and from the vitality of our DNA/heritage energies.

Our personal development in Muladhara (Mula = root, Adhara = support) requires both roots (to Mother Earth) and wings (i.e.,basic trust in exploring the living world).

With distance energy healing work, the best results come when we focus on clearing or enhancing the effectiveness of the auric energy boundary, as well as deepening the client’s connection with the living ground beneath us.

Relational Energy Therapy looks at four areas, in support of a healthy and resilient First Chakra:

1:  Physical heath through exercise, nutritious food, and hydration

2: A three-layered energy boundary, emanating from the etheric energy body, surrounding the physical body about one meter from the skin

3: Energetic connections from the feet chakras, that tap into the local frequencies of earth energies

4: Feeling safe in the physical body

Every Six Session Series begins with energetic boundary clearing work, as well as to interact with the three-layered boundary.

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