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There are different ways in which a therapeutic energy healer can support their clients, all of which have their modern equivalents in today’s world, but the energy healer brings the perspective of the three-dimensional reality of our lives: the material, the astral, and the etheric dimensions. Let’s look at six ways the professional energy healer can help.

  1. The material energy body can be supported in many ways by energy work, assuming the healer employs a realistic application of healing principles. These include a diagnosis (what’s going wrong at the energetic level of the physical body) as well as the application of an intervention that either increases insufficent circulation in the energy body, or addresses a blockage or under-developed resource that impacts the client. For complex cases, several different options should be explored for the client, until one makes the big difference, similar to the work flow of a medical professional.
  2. The astral (or psycho-emotional) body of the client can be assessed for invasions (various impingements in the client’s energy body) or for undeveloped places in their astral body that need repair or education that leads the way towards self-repair. As the astral body forms the foundation for our self-awareness, any challenge to the natural evolution of the individuating self will have to be dealt with at the psycho-emotional level. Historically, this is a separate speciality of the shaman or energy worker, as the dimension of the material body differs greatly from the dimensions of the astral realities. This is why shamanic drugs that increase the levels of DMT in the system, or boost certain neurochemicals, are used by native healers world wide. However, if the shaman can access former life experiences, they can mostly operate in the modern world without resorting to natural drugs, and the challenges they bring.
  3. The etheric body of the client is more than just the underlying structure of the physical body, in that it also houses resources from other life times, and anchors us into the natural functioning of Universal forces. The etheric body is analagous to cell differentiation at the DNA level: we are born with an etheric “stem cell” structure, but over time our etheric body can differentiate in a similar fashion to living cells (as in, when a stem cell becomes a specialized cell, such as a skin cell, or an intestinal tissue cell). As such, the etheric body “develops” in conjunction with the astral body evolution.
  4. Heritage Family Karma: this area of shamanic practices covers the places in the client’s life where a family curse, a dysfunctional past threaded back in time in a family history, or even unresolved astral challenges of our ancestors, can significanly impact our lives. Clearing our family karma helps us keep our personal focus on evolution at an individual level, and not spend valuable life energy cleaning up someone else’s mess.
  5. Client education, in that the energy healer can help the client open up to new directions or options for them to explore, which in turn will stimulate the astral and etheric development lying in potential within the client’s personal or health challenges. By knowing what is possible, and by the healer teaching from their own experience rather than repeating an idealized or socially-accepted truth, the client can break out of any stuck place in their lives, and open up their lives to their full potential.
  6. Training new healers and shamans: essential to the process of enegy healing, across all the ways in which the energy healer or psycho-spiritual helper works, is the need to help newer healers and shamans get up to speed, and develop their own way of working with the modern person. Sometimes this training is formalized, but often it happens at non-conscious levels, by transmission or through the dream state, and usually is beyond our conscious ability to regulate. The training of new healers appears to happen whether the healer wants to develop their healing work or not, although consciously working with it does speed up the process.

I hope these six ways in which therapeutic energy healers work help you find which kind of speciality is most needed by you right now, or which combination of these ways fits best your personal and spiritual growth. All six domains of energy healing work interact with each other, of course, and will come to your attention at the right time, and when you have the resources to deal effectively with them.

Photographs are of Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

© 2019 by Dean Ramsden. All rights reserved.

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