This online class will focus on the various elements of the astral world which generate a flow state at the psycho-emotional (i.e. astral) level of our consciousness. This yin/yang flow state has two extremes: good luck or good karma (actions that lead to good fortune), and bad luck or bad karma (actions that repeatedly anchor negative states or outcomes for an individual). Included within this astral material is a common use of this flow state that impacts us all: the psychic attack.

With its many gradations, we are psychically attacked by someone when their focused anger or desire to exploit us is thwarted or remains unquenched, resulting in the other generating bad luck in our direction. A long-term, targeted psychic attack is often labeled a “curse”. The practical implication of these attacks are that they will tend to deplete our own emotional energy body of resources, leaving us depressed, sometimes paranoid at a string of bad luck that follows us, and will often leave us physically exhausted. This is not dissimilar to when we catch the flu virus from others, and spend a week processing influenza symptoms. The psychic attack – a very real phenomena – results in emotional and physical repercussions for each and every one of us.

The Psychic Attack online class will first explore the structure and the function of the Astral Body through the detection and the use of good luck and bad luck, or the karmic balance we find ourselves processing, at any given moment. We will explore practical ways to interact with the astral flow state, tapping into two important resources: the right/left brain hemispheric functions, and the symbolic reality as defined over thousands of years by sensitive humans. Once we detect an attack (or avoid initiating an unconscious attack upon another, also part of the material) we can learn to reset the universal flow state, and shift its generation of bad luck towards good luck, towards a forward-flowing astral energy, rather than the looping-through-bad-luck option.

The material taught over four online classes is relevant to our own personal lives, but also to our professional energy healing work with others. With the knowledge and experiences of this class you will be in a better position to refine your therapeutic or energy healing skills so that your client can move out of a personalized or family heritage-based psychic attack, and back into a universal flow state of balance and health.

Finally, we will explore various resources that have been available for thousands of years, that help us create a context for good and bad fortune, and open our minds to the generative vision that the astral world is a vast resource available to us, rather than just a frightening place to be defended against, or simply ignored because we have been told it is not part of our modern world of reality.

This online class is the third of a series on the functioning, the healing, and the development, of the Astral Body. These series of online classes can be taken out-of-order, but all together they teach the fundamentals of a therapeutic approach to the Astral Energy Body.

In a nutshell, this online class will explore age-old assumptions about bad luck, cursing, and the creation of good luck or good energetic karma, and will teach healthy defenses and strategies. I consider it essential knowledge for therapeutic and energy-based healing practitioners.

The Psychic Attack Online Class: time and dates: 2019 Class has ended

Sundays at 8 pm Eastern US / 5 pm Pacific US

June 2020: 7, 14, 21, 28

Cost: 290 USD via PayPal.

Registration will open January 1, 2020. Please email Dean, through the email links on this website, to apply for the class. Space is limited. Once you have paid for your place in the class you will start receiving the Psychic Attack Online Class Newsletter mailings, with optional reading assignments and tips to help walk you through the classes as they proceed.

Recommended option: Tuition plus receive mp3 digital recordings of each class: 340 USD

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Dean Ramsden practices and teaches Relational Energy Therapy, which combines chakra and chakra cord energy healing with astral (emotional body) work.