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The “energy” (Qi, or prana) in “energy healing” is accumulated in two different ways. Firstly, it exists as a natural force in the human body, and can be enhanced and directed with specific physical training, such as Qi Gong, or other mind-body healing systems. Secondly, “energy” can be transmitted from teacher to student, incubates over time in the student’s auric body, before becoming fully available for healing use. This is the power of transmission, vital for energy healers to be able to work at a distance, as well as in person with a client.

I have always been curious to track down the exact physiological mechanism of the first of these – Qi as a natural force – since my early days as a Qi Gong energy therapist and hands-on healer. And so, with the current medical research pointing towards relevant areas for energy healers to explore, here is my theory of Qi transmission and energy generation within the physical body.

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My current theory is that it is the vascular endothelium of the human body acts as a vehicle for the transmission and energy generator of Qi (or Prana) within the human body. I was taught, as a Qi Gong practitioner, that “Qi follows the breath and the blood“, with the additional directive force of the mind to make it work well. The importance of conscious breathing, and of directed breathing (as in Buddhist and Taoist traditions, for instance) is well documented. But the “blood” component of Qi or Prana generation, even though vital to energy healing work, is articulated very little in Qi Gong. 

So, what is the vascular endothelium, and what is my theory of it being the transmitter and generator of Qi? The endothelium is a single-layered lining of blood and lymphatic vessels, that form an interactive boundary between circulating blood or lymph, and the vessel walls. Once thought to be a simple wrapper of the inner lining of these vessels, medical research now shows a high degree of vital function to the endothelium layer, so much so that perhaps it could be considered the most unique organ in the human body. 

When the vascular endothelium becomes challenged in its health, we end up with arteriosclerosis, resulting in Cardiovascular illnesses of various types, high blood pressure, and impairment to overall vascular tone, leading to fatigue. A healthy and functional vascular (and lymphatic) endothelium self-corrects many of these health issues, although life style changes in exercise and diet have to be included in its health maintenence.

If my theory about the energy body function of the vascular endothelium is correct, then energy healing works, in part, to boost the pranic flow in the client, using the healthy charge of the energy healer’s own endothelium pranic charge (either through directive energy work, or through simple transmission). The downside is that, unless the energy healer maintains their personal endothelium health, the healer’s health could be negatively impacted at some point. The healer can “burn out”, as it were, leaving their own health struggling to find a balance. Hence, the Chinese Qi Gong imperative, to keep yourself active and doing your health practices well into old age.

I’m currently exploring multiple ways to clear, heal, and improve my own vascular endothelium health, using exercise, diet, supplements, and energy work, but there are so many factors at play I am reluctant to name them at all, and falsely imply that this is a simple issue. But I did want to name the vascular endothelium, and its function, as a main player for energy healers: both in how it impacts healers at the physiological level, but also as a caution to every healer’s personal long-term health. If we know the vascular endothelium health is vital to our work with clients, as well as to our own health and well-being, we can consciously explore options to improve not only the pranic charge we use to help others heal, but also improve the quality – and longevity – of our own lives.

My long-term goal is to be able to offer energetic vascular endothelium health support at the energy body level, and advise the client to combine such healings with certain supplements and some dietary changes. Each organ of the body has certain energy healing protocols that aid in its health and recovery, and I am speculating that the endothelium will also benefit from specific support. 

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