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In the area of personal and spiritual growth, an increase in the quality of awareness (or presence of self and surroundings) is highly desired. Daily awareness, when increased, cuts through social conditioning, personal habits of thinking or perception, and helps connect us to the authentic self within. Heightening awareness is not only used to create more presence; it is the essential doorway to higher states of being, because to build it we have to train the entire physical system.

In Therapeutic Energy Healing, we strive to bring this quality into each healing session with the client, so as to encourage their own growth. Less about insight, and more about adding more authentic self into our daily personality, awareness should eventually grown or transition into lucidity: that heightened sense of all the body, not just our mental identity. The lucid experience is somatic as well as psycho-emotional, and is a vital aspect of any human personal development.

Lucidity can be developed by certain practices. Here are five of the vital areas of training:

  1. A meditation practice that trains our attention and breaks us out of daily trance states, or everyday consciousness
  2. Breathing practices that increase both flow and focus in the body (especially slowing and deepening the normal respiration rate, which allows for accessing brain states conducive to energy work)
  3. Physical body practices that strengthen it, and encourage circulation and balance within the energy body
  4. Developing the easing of rigidity in the psycho-emotional body (and by extention, affecting the somatic body): i.e., personal process work with a helper
  5. Experience of the energy body, and the tracking of energetic interactions with others

These five practice areas can be found integrated into many transformative paths, such as yoga, and Asian martial arts. But they are especially prized as part of Asian and esoteric Western spiritual traditions. For energy healers, the five practice areas can be utilized towards building a strong energetic foundation that will lead to increasing abilities to positively affect our health and well being, as well as to extend any helpful energetic support towards others. For training purposes, within Therapeutic Energy Healing, we want to encourage each student to take on these five practice areas, or to take an existing personal practice and deepen it these directions.

By way of example, here are ways that I will train myself in the five practice areas, and how it is integrated into my long distance energy therapy sessions with clients.

1. During the energy healing segment session, my inner concentration moves first to my energy hands, and then jumps to the Etheric connection with my client, by seeing them on a video call, and listening over my headset. My daily practice of doing several energy healings requires a stabilized lucid concentration, which is then shared with the client, as I tell them what I am doing, when I am doing it. Effortless for the client, they are simply encouraged to witness their own psycho-emotional state during the session.

2. My breathing rate will slow and deepen during a distance energy healing session. It allows access to brain states that connect to the inner, authentic self, and to external sources of support (spirit guides). Breathing is trained daily not only by practicing energy healing work, but also by performing standard cardio-vascular exercise at my local gym. This practice area does require sustained effort over time, increasing oxygen and prana. Healing work usually requires at least 20-30 minutes of slowed respiration per healing session, and will be made more potent by daily training exercise such as running, power walking, or treadmill work.

3. Physical body exercises can be anything from a sport to a dedicated practice such as yoga, or a martial art. My personal choice is weight-lifting, not to increase muscle bulk, but rather to tone and strengthen my fundamental muscles, ligaments, and core body. I also stress abdominal and lower back strengthening, in my daily workouts, which will also help to maintain a lowered breathing rate during healing work.

4. Personal process skills refer to our ability to track our feeling states and restrictive belief patterns, and then learn to confront and alter them in favor of our personal goals, or to support healthier alternatives to life patterns we may have inherited from our family heritage. The first twenty minutes of each Therapeutic Energy Healing session utilizes these skills, and, by resonance, is offered towards assisting the client in their own emerging, and deepening, lucidity.

5. It is vital that the energy therapist-healer have a genuine working experience with some aspect of their energy body, such as their energy hands (etheric, astral, or both). Then, they can extend that connection towards another energy body, either an in-person table healing, or during a distance healing session. Interactions between energy-therapist and client flow in part through a dialogue, but mostly through this energy body connection that gets built between them. Additionally, I will supply the client with a recording of each session, so they can play it back one or more times, and deepen the original healing session. The session – an exploratory dialogue with client, followed by energy therapy – can be reviewed afterwards, deepens the original session, and is repeatable for several days. Some clients use them for a few weeks, if there is a long break between live sessions.

Energy healing work can be done without a physical training regime to support it. But it then runs the risk of restraining its potency by relying on only a small amount of energy body transfer, usually transferred through mental intention, rather than the entire somatic body being involved in the energetic connection to the client.

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