The Light of the Divine Spark

working with the Monad

Theosophy is one of the foundational knowledge bases for energy and spiritual healing in general. Originating in the writings of Ukrainian-born H.P. Blavatsky (HPB), and deepening in breadth with the early Twentieth Century efforts to blend Indian and other Asian philosophies with Western ideas, Theosophy aimed at bringing together the world’s mystical traditions under one global roof, including the then-popular experience of spirit world communication. However, by the end of the Twentieth Century, much of this work had been watered down, and repackaged, rendering a complex and nuanced spiritual tradition far less transformative.

The Theosophy concept of the monad remains an important one for energy healers. The monad brings together the energies of two Indian concepts: Atma (pure and eternal spirit) and Buddhi (the spiritual soul that is a vehicle for the Atma). The spiritual light of atma shines through Buddhi, or – if you prefer it – the radiance of the divine illuminates the individual soul.

While simplistic modern concepts of spiritual development saw the individuating ego as a hindrance, and alignment with Divine Will the end point of spiritual growth, Theosophy saw a more layered approach to the idea of divine light or energy of the Atma infusing an individual’s life with inspiration and insight. HPB wrote that the monad is “a mystery”, standing as it does between individuality and universal essence.

In my opinion, and personal experience, the author and healer Barbara Brennan utilized the monad energy in her individual and group healing work, conflating it with the Pathwork concept of Core light. She identified a single point in the body that could access the “core star” or monadic light, and would invite it to “upwell” or expand in a three-dimensional way throughout the entire physical body, cell by cell. So important was the core star expansion energy to Brennan that she included it as a graduate-level healing skill taught at the end of her four year training course for professional energy healers.

So what does the monadic energy do, when accessed and invited to fill the energy body of the client? As you can see by our Theosophy hints, this energy combines personal and non-personal, or universal essence, into a unique blend of both. To the extent the client has become distanced or even separated by their divine essential nature due to early experiences in their lives, the monadic light (core star light) re-awakens that divine spark existing in each cell of the human body, essentially reminding it of its true non-dual nature.

As with most energy healing frequencies that healers use, the monadic energy can be activated after it has been transmitted to the healer from an original source. All that is needed is regular exposure to any useful energy frequency, and a way to activate and direct it, and then the healer can learn to use it with her own clients effectively. Reiki work leans heavily into this idea of transmission from an original source into the present-day healing.

In Therapeutic Energy Healing I tend to reserve the monadic / core star energies for specific situations that I have seen will be benefitted by the client in getting more in touch with their inherent divine essence. work.

Here are some practical examples of using monadic / core star energy in my healing practice:

A) Used to complete Astral extraction work or astral body purging of invasive entities. After completing astral work I have found it essential to fill the spaces with monadic / core star light, so as to re-initialized the cells as to their original nature. The challenge of lower astral healing work in particular is the “separation consciousness” that these entities feel, and experience in their own non-physical existence. In contrast, the healthy human being has contact with both their human (Buddhi) and their divine (Atma) nature.

The modern day analogy for this is if your computer gets a virus, and to clear it out you wipe the hard disk clean, and reinstall a fresh operating system. The monadic / core star energy is the “re-formatting’ option for the client’s cellular health, done after any astral body purging.

B) I do a lot of energy boundary work, which includes cleaning the client’s energy body boundary of emotional material or thought forms from the past, so as to prepare the chakras and their relational cording for deep work. It can be helpful, for the client, to be bathed in a mixture of astral clearing frequencies as well as an infusion of monadic / core star light. The extra boost of the dual nature energies help activate the natural psychic “immune” system of the body, preparing the client for a deeper dive into their nature than perhaps has been permitted by past influences.

This is similar to the concept of baptism, and to the ideas around initiation: a washing away of the past, and a conscious entry into a new one.

C) Clearing spaces in the physical world. Often a client is attempting to heal in a less than ideal physical environment, where the room or the house contains old psychic energies working against the client. By first expanding the monadic / core star energies throughout the client’s body, and then keeping that expansion going beyond their personal boundary, and into the room, perhaps even beyond the house walls, there can be a space-cleaning effect that usually brings relief to the client.

Ideally, they may well need to relocate, to find a new home, but until that happens the monadic / core star light can minimize external forces, and provide support for the client in a particular way.

I hope these three examples give you a sense of how to utilize the monadic / core star light, in a practical way. If you are a BBSH student or graduate, you have already been exposed to these frequencies, and should easily be able to tap into them. When I work with BBSH graduates who left the Brennan School twenty years ago or more, their energy systems still “remember” this frequency, and respond to it when it is used in their current healing work.

This frequency is also a good self-healing resource to add for your personal energy body hygiene: to fill yourself with the non-dual and sparkling light of the monadic / core star light, and let it heal you by encouraging the emergence of your own dual nature.

Not surprisingly, a lot of the “New Age” music over the past forty years, helps us activate this frequency. Find some music that does it for you, and play it while doing your self healing session. For example, after thirty years passing, I can still play Marjory Valeri’s wonderful harp music to activate the core star energetic space. In the early years of the original Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) Marjory would channel harp music while Barbara Brennan would go into trance and emanate the core star light, to uplift the entire group.

I hope you can find your own access point for this important energy frequency, for both your personal healing work, and for sharing it with others.

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