What is Therapeutic Energy Therapy?

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Therapeutic Energy Healing is a label I give to a particular way of working with the auric energy field and personal healing goals, through the lens of astral clearing, chakra and chakra cord healing, and supportive Magick. Rather than look at the auric energy field as a stand-alone system, Therapeutic Energy Healing takes the point of view that human beings are in a constant state of relationship: with various incarnations of themselves, with family karmic patterns from the past, and accepts that we are continually modified by our current relationships with others. These relationships are connected into us via relational chakra cords, and through the transmission of emotional energy (astral energy). The chakras are developmental waystations that funnel particular stages of consciousness into our growing awareness, and our very evolution and personal experience is directly influenced by these relational experiences. we grow through stages of development, each stage being dependent upon an energy center (the primary chakras), and which connects us emotionally to other human beings. We cannot grow, spiritually or in other ways, in isolation. We are all, every one of us, a product of the past emotional connections that have influenced our current state of being.

This relational approach first looks at our current state of life awareness, and the challenges to our present situation (such as health issues) as the nexus point for both past events and for the potential that lies in our future. The main way of working is The Six Session Series. Every life challenge gives the human awareness system an opportunity to both discover the influences upon it from the past, and from there to come to make a new choice: one that elevates the individual towards a higher state of being. Once we awaken to our true self, and live more and more from higher states of individual awareness, everything begins to change. Our health, our relationships, and our life options, become conscious choices rather than compulsions or act of subservience to the past.

Practically, this means energetically interacting with the chakra system, with its wireless transmission system (chakra cords), and with an awakened awareness of how emotional energies (the astral world) affect all our lives.  The first stage of a Six Session Series is to both clear past emotional energies from the boundary of the client, and then to increase their internal energy system so that they can feel themselves to be more than their old, habitual, self. Astral clearing initially means to reduce the impact of encrusted emotional energies, so that the client can come to feel themselves in a new way.

Once the client is engaged in the process of such a change (bear in mind that the initial focus can be health, a relationship, or personal self healing) the second stage of the therapeutic process can then begin in earnest: chakra upgrades. In every Six Session Series we will continually move from chakra to chakra, to both clear and strengthen their individual and their systemic functional ability. This has the dual benefit of increasing awareness and sensitivity tremendously, along with continuing to reduce the impact of the habitual psycho-emotional patterns of our past. The result of all this work is slow, steady, and sustainable inner change, along with physical shifts that are in accord with any upgraded energy consciousness system. As mind and the emotional body changes, so does the physical body reflect those same changes.

Therapeutic Energy Healing sessions are not about raising the vibration of the higher chakras, and learning to live in an idealized world without human suffering or relationship conflict. Rather, they are about deepening our psychoemotional contact and understanding of what it is to be fully human, to become choice-driven, and to be an embodied soul who is connected with other souls who are also seeking to awaken. The healing we are seeking is to become more functional, more relational-minded, rather than special, rarified, and increasingly distant from the common challenges of humanity. And, because we are all connected, when we grow, humanity awakens a little bit more. Everyone in the human species benefits from our personal, and spiritual, advancement.

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Astral Energy Healing

Astral Energy Healing

the transformation of life force

We are pre-wired for personal growth

We are pre-wired for personal growth

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