We are pre-wired for personal growth

activating your potential

There are three obvious reasons to explore the world of therapeutic energy healing, and each of these offers tremendous potential. The first is the exploration of our lives as being made of more than the mind, or the body. It is the realization that we are beings of consciousness, and that our journey through life awakens us, step by step, into our full potential. This, the awakening to an individuated self, provides important meaning and value to many individuals, and answers the age-old question: what is the meaning of life?

The second is the impact of energy work on our physical and emotional health and well being, in areas that range from the healing of an injury or challenging illness, all the way to maintaining our health into middle and old age. Energy healing work revitalizes the cells of the body, and brings flow and balance back into stagnant areas of our lives. It can help medicine support our journey back into health.

The third reason is therapeutic, in that energy healing can help us heal from shocks and traumas in our past, allowing us to fully move into our full awakening, and creative expression.

The key motif that joins these areas of human growth together is that our energy bodies have specific functions to perform, and that functioning interfaces with the material human body. One example of this is the placebo effect: where the mind can react to assumptions about reality, even if there is no material support for that reality. The mind-body interaction is well-established in science, as well our popular experience in life. If we then add into these three resources the perspective of functional energy connections that flow between ourselves and others, then we have a map to see how our relationships stimulate personal growth.

It is not knowledge, or even truth that is the prime motivator for our becoming more than we thought was possible. Rather, it is the impact and influence of others that generates our personal growth, from our early beginnings with our mothers, and fathers, all the way through our adult lives. Yes, knowing ourselves is important, physical and emotional health is vital, and releasing the grip of a challenging past is essential. But it is the relational energy, impacting us from beyond our own walled-in limitations of selfhood, that is the ultimate deciding factor. It is the other – not the self – that triggers awakening and evolution. In bridging the gap between what we think we know, and what is truly the case, another person effectively breaks us out of our psycho-emotional restrictions.

Therapeutic Energy Healing makes the case that we are all pre-wired for psycho-emotional growth, and that our work as energy therapists is to stimulate that function of the energy body, or help to reduce the impact of unseen and restrictive forces on the human energy field. Once stimulated, and once with access to new insight and energy, the auric energy field takes us – or our clients – to the next level of our personal growth. All we need to do, as energy therapists, is clear a pathway forwards towards the inevitable leap into new life.

No belief in a spiritual path or religious leader is required, for our evolution. All that is needed is for our everyday relationships to activate our potential, thus energizing our pre-wired-for-personal-growth chakra system. Supported by others, we awaken, we creatively expand, and then we naturally move the next level of our personal growth.

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What is Therapeutic Energy Therapy?

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