The Third Session of the Six Session Series

manifesting our thoughts and beliefs

The third session in the Six Session Series examines the focus and power of manipura chakra: the transformational power of our beliefs and preferences. Unexamined and habitual beliefs themselves often create the challenges we face in our lives, whether it is our health issues, our relationship struggles, or the uncovering of our true purpose in this incarnation. By first clearing, or more accurately, revealing to our consciousness the primary motivators of our life, we can re-assess and change outcomes set in place by those beliefs.

The Six Session Series builds towards a systemic change throughout the entire chakra system, taking each chakra energy center to be an important player in our consciousness. With therapeutic support to reveal those early life factors that contribute to our beliefs, and to reveal the impact of our relational events in our life, third chakra work helps to re-orientate you away from patterns put in place by others, and move them towards the powerful choices you make for yourself. The transformational fire of the third chakra burns through illusions and errors in our perception of the outer world, and reveals truer, healthier options.

The First Session in an Six Session Series provides a deepening connection into the safety of the physical body, and the importance our our personal boundaries. The Second Session adds in the essential work on our emotional attachments to others, and especially how our early relationships impact our current adult ones.

The Third Session looks at the manifestation of outcomes in our lives that is due to our preconceptions about others, and about the world, and invites us to change ourselves from a passive bystander in our lives and into an active creator of self-transformation. What we believe will be manifested, in some way, so it is important to get clear on what our belief system has planned for us. Change our belief system, upgrade our perception of the outer (and the inner) world, and our life can change for the better, our health can be improved, and we can engage in productive and balanced personal relationships with others.

Psychotherapy has heavily influenced modern day energy healing, but has the unfortunate side product of often energizing the very belief factors that keep us locked into long-term patterns of suffering. Although self-examination is an important part of Therapeutic Energy Healing, the main goal of this session is not to focus fully on what is not working, on what is dysfunctional in our energy consciousness system, but rather to energize and support the healthy function of the chakra system.

By emphasizing energy healing work that clears and charges a healthy chakra, the client gains essential tools that lead to transformational changes in their situation. Transformation is not sought for as product of reaching out towards change, but rather is invited to emerge from within us, and in response to our true personal motivations. In the Six Session Series, transformation is not a healing response to suffering, but rather the activation of our multi-leveled chakra system that is pre-wired to deal with the slow and steady building of individuated self-awareness, and the activation of personal choice.

The third chakra and its relational chakra cords funnel beliefs to us, and often become habitual in how we see the world, and how we put together our map of reality. This session examines the client’s beliefs, and suggests new directions or options for us to explore. If we are willing to open our mind to different perspectives, to challenging information, we then activate the potential of Manipura chakra: the fire of transformation that burns through illusions, and replaces suffering with clarity.

Once clarity emerges, we form more expansive and self-empowering maps of ourselves, and of the world around us. When our mind changes, so does our emotional tracking (second chakra) and physical container (first chakra).

A vital part of third chakra healing work is the support and reinforcement of self-cords, or the energetic attachments we extend towards our own energy body. A self cord is another way to describe growing self awareness, but one which assumes we awaken through emotional experience first, and integrate that into the self after any experience. We anchor into ourselves after experiencing the other, a process which then forms the experience of an objective observer within us.

The chakra relational cord to the other provides for the emotional impact of others to change us, and then we integrate that experience with a self cord: a small filament of energetic connection that roots us back into the chakra having the experience. This combination of energy healing work – chakra development, chakra relational cord clearing, and self-cord attachment – is a major part of Therapeutic Energy Healing.

As a client taking a journey through the Six Session Series, you will move through six discrete stages of your chakra development, and experience your presenting health or relational issue through the functioning of each chakra, and their energetic connections to and from significant others. Six sessions of in-depth healing work provide a powerful launching pad for personal change, and for the activation of your latent potential.

Your transformation, your healing, is activated from within your chakra consciousness system, leading you towards increasing personal autonomy and power, and the realization that there is much you can do to influence your own life. You are not a passive observer of your life, but an active participant in it. A healthy Manipura chakra ignites the symbolic fire in your belly, and your life, health, and relationships, can change for the better.

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The Second Session of the Six Session Series

The Second Session of the Six Session Series

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The Fourth Session of the Six Session Series

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