The Sixth Session of the Six Session Series

upper chakra integration

The Sixth Session of the Six Session Series with Dean Ramsden addresses integration of work that has been done in the previous five sessions of that Series. It aims to clear and support the upper chakras, including secondary energy centers such as Talu chakra and Guru chakra, culminating in Sixth Chakra clearing, and chakra cord work.

While the three lower main chakras generate an I-centered perception of reality, and the middle chakras bridge the growing sense of a relational self with other people (or other life-forms), it is the function of the upper energy centers to look beyond self and other, and towards an ever-expanding perception of a multi-dimensional universe. While the physical eyes act as visual guides to the material world, seeing contrast, color, and depth outside of us, it is the third eye (Ajna Chakra) that sees beyond that static reality, and into multiple levels of energetic dimensional reality.

The implications of Sixth Chakra development is what is seen at higher and more integrated levels of consciousness will eventually impact the lower centers (the egoic or personal self), as well as change our relationships with others via the middle chakras. When the Sixth Chakra opens its inner eye, everything changes for the individual looking through it.

Chakra development proceeds along recognizable stages of human development, beginning with the formation of a self which is embedded within the belief systems and emotional patterning of our family of origin. Metaphorically, our early life is like an egg laid in a bird’s nest, taking time to hatch and eventually emerge as an individual with needs and desires.

Our original sense of self is always covered or informed by early life events and relationships, as we ease into an I-centered or ego-based reality, as the individuated self grows over time, awakening to the necessity of relationships with others. Later in our personal healing and spiritual journey the Sixth Chakra begins to open us up to possibilities and truths not available in our early life.

We awaken, from the psycho-emotional perspective, slowly and steadily, by passing through recognizable stages of development. Eventually, our life events that are either challenging or tragic, or the choices we made at earlier points in our development, become seen for what they truly are: pointers towards our true nature, and representing the meaning of this incarnation for us, at an individual level.

The Sixth Chakra is dispassionate and open to all visions that generate clarity and inner knowledge for the self. However, there are two “selves” we are always working with: the earlier identity that is held in the lower chakra development, or our personality and character, as well as our emerging authentic self that comes from being awake and reflective, and by learning to see beyond our conditioned, or habitual, mind. The dance between the earlier sense of self and the emerging authentic (or “true”) self, is played out in our lives in the following areas:

  1. Reviewing our psycho-emotional past, and using therapeutic means to separate out our earlier identity from our authentic self
  2. Progressively learning to operate our consciousness energy system – the chakras – so we can move out of the illusions of helplessness and blame found in the earlier egoic self, and learn to live from our authentic self
  3. Tap into both the challenges of our emotional (or Astral) body, and the tremendous gift it offers us, as sentient beings, to expand our individuating self towards new evolutionary heights
  4. Allow the support of the non-physical world (e.g. Spirit Allies) to guide our journey towards living out our full potential in this life time
  5. Complete levels of development that previous ancestors in our heritage, or other incarnations we have lived left unfinished

Practical implications of the Sixth Session

Every Six Session Series begins with goals for the work, or issues presented as entry points to deeper personal work. The Sixth Session taps into the upper chakra functioning by both clearing the pathways of psycho-energetic flows, and in supporting the Sixth Chakra in seeing what it needs to see in order to grow further.

However, the emphasis is not on over-charging the Sixth Chakra so that we “rise above” the challenges of human existence, to exist only in some imaginal paradise (also referred to as a spiritual bypass), but rather that we are continually practicing and progressing through cycles of inner, and outer, growth. The authentic self is one that emerges, decade after decade, through our engagement with our self development, our relationships, and the meaningful choices we make for ourselves. Our early life begins to be seen only as our starting place in the development potential for us in this life time, and not the end point to be healed.

Healing can and does happen to our earlier self, but only by shifting our focus out of helplessness and blame and into personal choice, and the toleration of the choices made by others. This process alleviates suffering and not-knowing (“ignorance”), but does not end the need for physical, emotional, and mental effort. We must learn to tolerate discomfort and changes in order to grow further, and to release the past hindrances that burden us.

The Sixth Session supports the integration process of the client, by either providing a much-needed context for their lives, one rooted in their soul development rather than their wounding, as well as helping to activate their inner knowing: the third eye. The Sixth Session also opens up the possibility for future work, with the option of subsequent Six Session Series that deepen and ground the client’s process into their conscious awareness. Once we are hatched into our family, we must eventually learn to fly and explore the world away from our metaphorical nest. We can always return, to visit the nest, and our loved ones, but for many of us the adventure is the freedom to fly, and to make our own choices.

The freedom to choose what you want, or what you need, is up to you. There is no divine judgement outside of you, forcing you to remain small and powerless. Your life, and your choices, are always up to you. Awaken into your potential, and then you are free to explore the universe. Or, choose to stay home, and support the people you care about. Spiritual awakening is to see how the universe truly works, then to discover your authentic self, and finally to make your own choices in life.

Six Session Series can be strung together, for in-depth and ongoing work, or used as a powerful springboard into any issue or life challenge. Each client chooses a style of working and timing that fits with them, one which generates the best results in their life. Another option is that single sessions can be utilized for short term work (See The Big Three Mini-Series), focusing upon an important issue until it is time to journey through the Six Session Series format in order to complete a full, six chakra healing process.

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