The Sixth Chakra

and the upper chakras

Sixth Chakra (Ajna) development is vital for personal and spiritual growth because it helps us awaken from the illusions in life that we unconsciously accept as real … until our “third eye” opens, and we start looking beyond dualism. The domination of duality (the unconscious acceptance that our lives are always a choice between two polar opposites) over our consciousness must eventually be supplanted by an experience of the multiple dimensions of reality.

Most people are content to accept the commonly-held views of reality as presented and reinforced by popular media such as TV news programs, movies, and books. Our early schooling teaches a simple or childlike view of the world that often extends, unexamined, into adulthood. It will take third eye chakra development in order to see past what we are told is true, and to make our own evaluation. But growing Ajna chakra takes effort.

One way to develop your third eye is to ask the right questions. Ajna chakra development is supported when the young child confronts a parent or teacher with “Who are you to tell me who I am, and what I should think?” Every parent has to deal with challenges, hopefully by responding in a kind, but firm manner, and being careful not to crush the youthful spirit before them. Similar questions will reappear ten years later, fueled by the raging hormones of the young adult. But beneath these two developmental stages – the infant rebellion and the teenage confrontation with authority – the inner third eye is beginning to open. Development into individuated self-inquiry is beginning to form.

No one can tell us who we are, at our fundamental identity. Others can only tell us who they want us to be, or who they think we should become. Yes, others can see our potential, and can provide much-needed support. But, ultimately, our true self is discovered by it seeing itself: through self-inquiry, self-development, and through the transforming fire of our personal relationships. These three factors provide the most wonderful (although often painful) opportunities, and will bring us the tools t0 break free of the tyranny of the common reality.

The process of questioning the outer authority must eventually evolve into the inquiry of who you think you are, or who you have been told you are. As adults we will soon come to learn that we have little power to influence others, or to shift events in the outer world. But we do have tremendous power to change ourselves. The doorway to personal freedom opens when we learn how to develop ourselves, and to come to see what is meaningful in life though our own efforts. Once you are engaged in the adult journey of questioning the self everything begins to change.

The key that unlocks the door of personal and spiritual development is to ask the right questions, and in doing so to develop Ajna chakra. Without a functioning third eye we will remain blind to all spiritual depth, and mired in the dull flatness of polar opposites. Strive to open your third eye. Don’t settle only for the constructed reality offered to you by others. Learn to see the truth for yourself.

Beyond the Sixth Chakra: upper chakra healing work

The Sixth Session of the Six Session Series of Relational Energy Therapy aims at performing specialized work with the upper chakras. Work to strengthen or repair the energetic container of the auric field is followed by the focus upon relational chakra cords and self-cords, heritage (family pattern) cords, and astral healing. The Six Session Series is an advanced healing protocol spread out over six sessions, with the week-long gaps between the healings to allow for integration and auric field development. The focus of this article is on what occurs at the end of any Six Session Series: support for upper chakra development.

Upper chakra energy healing work consists of:

1. Guiding the natural energetic flow of prana up the client’s Sushumna nadi (the energetic aspect of the spinal cord) with the intention to widen it, allowing for more bandwidth to become available for Earth Qi to energize the client’s system.

2. The previous clearing work on Talu chakra (during the first two sessions of the Six Session Series) is then taken to the next level by drawing refined prana (i.e., prana now transmuted through the client’s consciousness system from journeying up the chakra system) around, and into, the depolarized and astrally-cleared brainstem.

3. The flow of refined prana is then directed up and towards the back of the head, to nourish Bindu chakra, and access to the Higher Astral.

4. This increasingly highly-energized prana is then directed horizontally through the structures of the energetic brain, inclusive of the pineal and pituitary glands, the amygdala, and related structures.

5. The final destination for this protocol is Ajna chakra: the third eye, and pre-frontal lobe development. The pranic flow terminates here, feeding Ajna chakra with information gleaned from its journey throughout the entire energy body. Ajna chakra can now provide the specific insights needed for further personal growth.

The practical result of all this work is to support or stimulate the client towards increasingly higher levels of consciousness. In effect, it speeds up your personal process. All of us are wired for upper chakra functioning, but most don’t have it activated or integrated into their functioning senses. This work is designed to help you gain access to greater insight, and increased perception.

One option of any Six Session Series is to encourage the Guru chakra to enhance its connections with the lower and more personality-focused (or individuated) chakras. The Guru chakra, located just above the top of the head, contains the distillation and advanced witnessing capability that reduces all life experiences into distilled soul learning. It digests and leaves behind personality-driven memories, and deposits only spiritual awareness and compassion into the higher consciousness of the soul.

This is what we take with us into our next incarnation: distilled life experience, drawn through the Guru chakra. What is not fully processed or completed in our lives may remain lodged in the auric field until such a time as it can be solved in another incarnation. Undigested life lessons are the subject of Past Life healing, and are dealt with separately outside of the Six Session Series format. Past Life healings move towards completing the life lessons of a previous life, thereby freeing up vital reserves of “auric processing power” for our current incarnation.

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What are the chakras?

What are the chakras?

- etheric structures that transmute consciousness

Reinforcement Recordings

Reinforcement Recordings

audio recordings of your healing session deepen your process

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