The Second Session of the Six Session Series

basic emotional attachments

The Second Chakra governs our initial relational attachments to others, and how our early development impacted our emotional life. It is also important to upgrade our Second Chakra function as we move through different life stages, and for creating healthy relationships with others, as well as learning to release unhealthy individuals from our lives.

The Second Session of a Six Session Series follows on from the important preparation of the auric energy field done in the First Session, which addresses clearing the auric boundary of the emotional energies of others, and then reinforces our connection into the organic, natural world around us.

We begin Second Chakra therapeutic work with issues of basic safety, and of emotional contact with others- and from others – into our own emotional body. Often this means looking at the relational chakra cords to the mother, or the father, as well as any other important emotional relationships in the client’s life. “Clearing” a chakra cord means, firstly, to apply the energetic cleansing done in the First Session towards specific relationships, such as the maternal chakra cord, or any other important relationship that the client is interested in addressing. Then, we extend that clearing process into “revealing”: opening up the client’s awareness to both the benefits, boundary issues, and the challenges inherent in any important relationship.

Another important part of the Second Session, is the introduction of self-cord connections: those sprouting, anchoring connections that funnel back lessons and aspects of self into the chakra. Self-cord work is the balance to other-cord work, in that both are needed to develop and grow a healthy and mutually-engaging emotional body.

Finally, we can deepen the Second Chakra relational cord work to include heritage cord work, where we go back into the family relational energetics that are impacting the client, and their healing or personal development journey. By clarifying what is the unresolved issues of our heritage, and making it distinct from our personal work on ourselves, we can speed up our own personal process.

An active or energized Second Chakra provides energy for those chakra centers above it, from Third Chakra onward, so as to help them reach their full potential. Conversely, an undercharged or wounded Second Chakra shunts the client’s awareness up into the Third Chakra, to overly intellectualize feeling and relational states, often leading into distorted perceptions of others.

As with every Therapeutic Energy Healing session, the combination of etheric structured chakra cord energy healing along with emotional (or Astral) body clearing work, speeds up any personal process or physical / emotional health issue. In the Second Session of any Six Session Series, we are either addressing the impact of early life family relationships, or are focusing on current relationships that are problematic, or in need of review and repair.

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All photos are of my Japanese graduate students practicing in Japan.

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