Relational Energy Therapy combines two approaches to the healing process: energy healing, and psycho-emotional growth. While many energy healing systems focus mostly on the esoteric anatomy of the human aura, such as the chakras and acupuncture meridians, while others emphasize tapping into greater forces in the universe, such as devotion to a deity, or gateway symbols (as in Reiki) energy therapy combines the healing of health concerns with the overall evolution of the client’s psycho-emotional nature. In doing this, energetic therapy is carving a new niche in personal and spiritual growth paths: a way to both heal from past hurts or wounds, while at the same time enhancing the spiritual evolution in the client.

Many energy healing systems, such as Qi Gong (Chinese energy healing) and Tantric Yoga (Indian variants on personal and physical transformation) can look back towards a long history, and multiple sources, that anchor them into our current understanding of healing and transformation. Relational Energy therapy is a syncretism of energy healing and psycho-emotional growth work, and thus pulls inspiration and guidance from varied sources. As such, Relational Energy Therapy stands alongside only a few other systems that elevate personal psycho-emotional healing to equal status alongside physical body healing. It is also idiosyncratic in that its approach to healing and transformation is based upon my personal experience, albeit inspired by others who I have been fortunate enough to study under, or work alongside.

Finally, this system is not offered as the best energy healing approach, nor as the most comprehensive map of transformational energy work. The skills and protocols outlined in my upcoming ebook, in my in-person training modules, and on this website, work for many, but each person will have to try it out for themselves. If this approach to transformational energy work gives you good results initially, the chances are that you can take it a deeply as you are willing. All it asks of any client or student is a time investment of three to six sessions, and their willingness to step up to the next evolutionary step in their lives.

The Relational Energy Therapy skills do not offer authority or guarantees, but rather aim to activate the self-correcting nature of the human energy field, at multiple levels of functioning of the client’s life. Belief is not needed, nor is passive receptivity, to undergo astral or emotional body clearing, and relational energy cord work that activates the client’s potential, both of which are major aspects of Relational Energy Therapy. All that is needed is an intuitive sense that this approach to transformation energy work offers something important: self-authorship, and the enhancement or resumption of soul growth after one of life’s challenges.

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