The Magical Mind

The Magical Mind is a useful concept for healers and for anyone interested in spiritual and personal growth, as a particular way of perceiving and interacting with the alive and nurturing Universe within which we all live. It is “magical” in the sense that it is activated and further developed by knowledge held within esoteric magical practices: the classical wisdom traditions of both Western cultures and of Eastern ones. 

While each culture by necessity forms and uses their own “Moral Mind”- a critical and socially-attuned mindset, and the everyday mind that we use in our lives – the “Magical Mind” is universal across all of humanity. The Western Magical Mind and the Asian Magical Mind, for instance, differ in their Moral Mind presentation, but resonate and duplicate the functions of the Magical Mind across all cultures. 

The important first principle to grasp here is that we are not looking to replace the Moral Mind with the Magical Mind. The Moral Mind is vital to our interaction and connection to shared culture, to family, and to a certain way of looking at the universe (e.g. the scientific domain of knowledge and practical application). 

But the Magical Mind brings something into our lives that the Moral Mind struggles to grasp: the living experience of an alive universe, one that is responsive to our actions, and which is sentient and caring towards our spiritual evolution. 

Whereas the Moral Mind sees only the survival of the fittest, a brutal struggle for dominance, and a fear of loss, in contrast the Magical Mind sees personal and spiritual growth as leading the way forward, and it seeks to understand, more and more, how to evoke and create opportunity, and also how to protect against the psychic attacks of others, where a misuse of the Magical Mind can lead to exploitation and suffering. 

That being said, the Magical Mind learns to heal and eventually convert suffering into the ingredients needed for the soul to grow into a new level of understanding. The goal for the Magical Mind is not to transcend the material world and escape suffering, but rather to deepen the embodied soul that we are into contact with the greater universe. 

The healing and uplifting of the Moral Mind is a necessary starting place for all of us, as we process and complete our family heritage karma: the lessons and experiences of being born into our family of origin, and our culture. We can call it psycho-emotional therapy, we can refer to it by many labels, but this initial self-healing work leads us towards finding our authentic self, and to coming to terms with our human existence, and our relationships with others. 

But as we move deeper into the mystery of life, the activation and development of the Magical Mind becomes more important, adding depth and nuance to our personal and spiritual growth. 

These basic motifs – the healing of the Moral Mind, and the development of the Magical Mind – are taught in my online classes, as well as in private tutorial work with clients. 

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