The magic of words

energizing the Magical Mind

The use of the written and the spoken word is an important part of the activation and use of the Magical Mind. The term “magical mind” refers to a specific use of the human consciousness system (which is made up from the physical, etheric, and astral bodies) to express the individuating self in our lives. When activating this mindset we can become aware of a desire or unfulfilled need, and then begin to manifest that desire through conscious and subconscious interactions with an alive universe, a generous and cooperative universe. The doorway to that interaction is the written and spoken word. Once we allow the emergence of a desire into our conscious awareness we can choose to then send it out into the world, and await a response. 

There are several aspects to this process, the first being the welcoming of our authentic voice, and needs, into our conscious awareness. Without this important and therapeutic step, we will not be able to use the higher chakra’s function that targets, interacts with, and shifts our lives towards our will or desire. So, we always begin with personal detective work: what is it we are feeling, needing, or longing for? Expressive writing – defined as any effort you put into translating your inner experience of self into a written or verbal experience – taps into both the Moral Mind (the everyday mind that judges and regulates our conscious experience of self) and the Magical Mind (your individuating self beyond the limitations set by your Moral Mind).

Modern psychiatry has already validated the healing aspects of expressive writing, and you can read about it online here, in “Emotional and Physical Health Benefits of Expressive Writing” by Baikie and Wilhelm (2005).

An option to expressive writing is to speak out and represent yourself and your needs and desires, through the spoken word. When we transcribe our expressive speaking we have another way to first reveal, and then to evoke or manifest something new. 

Now we have two complementary ways that access the self: the experience of speaking about our inner world (usually done with someone who is able to listen therapeutically, such as a psychotherapist or a trained healer) and the option of reviewing our own words transcribed from a conversation with another. We look to find creative openings, in our own words, that nudge or guide us towards new life, and experiences, that we long for at a deep level of our being.

The Magical Mind uses words not as a child, who is exploring the world of selfish desire and demands, looking for immediate pleasure or trying to avoid pain. The Magical Mind is the adult coming to know his or her personal power in creating or directing our lives, and who can choose one thing over another.

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