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beyond healing the past

One of the challenges of energy healing work is that there are multiple ways of looking at and working with the human energy system. Therapeutic Energy Healing is designed to be an effect use of shamanic and energy healing skills and insights, focusing on two important aspects of being human: healing from the past, and finding our way forward towards our next evolution as individuating spiritual beings.

To do that we can map the human energy system in order to see the specific wiring of how we develop as emotional-mental beings, get stuck in various stages of our development, resist the self-correcting function of the chakras, and thus support our natural unfolding towards our full potential. Energy healing work, as outlined in this website, and my upcoming eBook, is a practical approach to the healing and development of the emotional or Astral body that each of us must build on the way towards fully manifesting our soul identity in the material world.

Therapeutic Energy Healing pares down many of the existing maps of energy healing work, and looks at the sequential growth of humans from first chakra and up into the higher energy centers. There are recognizable stages of human development, all of which can be found in main stream psychology, as well as esoteric psychology. Our direction in healing is to first explore where we get stuck in our growth, and then clear away hindrances or distortions in our perceptions that restrict the natural evolution past our emotional challenges, and which lead to personal and spiritual development. This is why we refer to this way of working as a therapy: a system that rehabilitates and supports natural growth, rather than a belief system requiring you to identify with it fully.

How does Relational Energy Therapy fit into other energy healing system?

If you have previous experience and training as an energy healer, you can remain a Reiki practitioner, a native Shaman, a psychotherapist, or a Barbara Brennan Healing Science practitioner, and still make use of the Therapeutic Energy Healing protocols.

The use of chakra stage development may differ from how previous authors have presented the chakras, but I have found over the course of my professional work in energy healing that it is possible to hold multiple maps of the same healing process. My original map of energy work lay in Chinese Qi Gong, and then extended into the shamanic realms with teachers like Rev. Rosalyn L. Bruyere, and others. But it was the therapeutic aspects found in the Barbara Brennan system, rooted in Bioenergetics / Core Energetic psychotherapy, that pointed the way forward for me to develop a therapeutic approach to energy work.

The emotional body develops over time, and through relationships, into the individuated self. It is that individuated self that participates in the higher aspects of enlightenment and awakening. Unless we have an emotional body, one that is both individuated and also affected by caring and compassion for others, there is nobody there who can gain “enlightenment”. We all require an emotional body first, followed by spiritual awakening, in order to progress as spiritually-aware individuals.

The Spiral Journey of our Development

The emotional body is made up of the passage through various developmental stages, commencing at incarnation within the womb of the mother. The chakras hold the consciousness wiring that, once activated, brings us to our full potential. Our evolution is pre-installed into our energy body, but does require us to repair or evolve through any stuck stages, in our experience as emotional beings, in order to activate our full individuation.

The Six Session Series of Therapeutic Energy Healing takes the client through one or more spiral journeys up their six major chakras, clearing the way for further emotional body growth, and helping to awaken our conscious intention to make sense of our lives. Although this can be a challenging process, the rewards of this can lead us towards finding – and creatively expressing – our true and authentic nature. The gift inherent in energy healing is ultimately found in the acknowledgement of who we are, and the awakening to practical tools that then help us navigate our lives, and enhance our relationships with others.

The Six Session Series fully supports that spiral journey to heal the past, and evolve our emotional body, and can also extend into a Seventh Session that accounts for higher energy centers beyond the Sixth Chakra. In the past this process was referred to as creating and healing the Astral Body. In today’s language, this is identical to the clearing and development of the psycho-emotional energy system that fundamentally builds our unique sense of self.

Our astral /relational energy body is who we are, as individuating people, and who we are becoming. The healing of the past is only a part of that process, as it is how we deal with, and process that past, that leads us towards claiming our authentic identity, and living our best possible life.

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The Sixth Session of the Six Session Series

The Sixth Session of the Six Session Series

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Basic themes in a therapeutic process

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