The Fourth Session of the Six Session Series

long-term connections with others

The development and majority of functioning in the first three chakra consciousness centers revolve around self-interest and survival. But as we enter the realm of Anahata Chakra, we bridge the self-centered world view with our care and concern for others.

Simplistically, the Fourth Chakra looks first at our own self-care, and then extends itself into our caring for others, and for other life forms. It is the Fourth Chakra that brings us into our humanity, into a generative involvement with the long-term welfare of other people.

The Fourth Chakra also is the pivotal engine for building our emotional body. This is because if we stay only in the personal realms of Chakras one, two, and three, we see the world through our own limited and pre-personal eyes. But when we allow ourselves to be impacted by others, we usher in a powerful new energy into our lives: the energy of relationships.

Relational energy is where the impact of others is first utilized to individuate and create a self (Chakras 1-3), then takes the Fourth Chakra development as a willing doorway in building an Astral or emotional body, before extending these four chakra stages into creative expression and creative listening (Chakra 5), and ultimately to activate the upper chakras (Chakra 6, and the Guru Chakra) which provide a multi-dimensional interpretation of the physical and emotional realities. Relational energy builds towards both individuation (fulfilling the potential of the client) and evolution (opening the client’s consciousness towards new resources, and novel choices).

This is also why Therapeutic Energy Healing uses a Six Session Series as its main protocol. Six Sessions address the client’s goals and issues at each chakra level, with each session clearing and supporting the optimal function of the client’s entire energy system. Unless there is a significant restriction due to early trauma, or damaging ego-self development, the Six Sessions Series triggers a growth spurt for the emotional body of the client, as well as enhancing their native healing ability. Therapeutic Healers, in effect, do not heal others. Instead, they work towards removing obstacles to the client healing themselves, and they provide a helpful perspective for the client to draw inspiration and new choices towards themselves.

The Fourth Session examines our patterns in relationships with others, as well as our self-care patterns with ourselves. The Mother Chakra Cord is the usual starting place, although for many the Father Chakra Cord is equally significant. Caring is expressed in different ways with the stereotypical female mode of caring, and the variations of male generative or short-term support.

We need both genders, to grow and heal ourselves through the actions and long-term care of mothers and grandmothers, and fathers and grandfathers. Where we do not have easy access to these important family relationships, or where the client has problems in their family, thankfully the Fourth Chakra can also bond with a non-family individual who can stand as a substitute Mother, Father, or Grandparent.

Fourth Chakra cord work looks at clearing and revealing patterns of healthy caring, and of unhealthy patterns of caring for the self. Relational cords to others transmit emotional energy to and from significant others, and Fourth Chakra self-cords integrate what is important back into the Astral or emotional body. We grow into our humanity only through our relationships with others, and in dealing with the challenges of those relationships.

The Six Session Series starts with the personal goals and patterns of the client’s energy system, with chakra 1-3, and it is with the Fourth Session that this earlier and vital work begins to bear fruit. The client is encouraged to pay attention to both small and large shifts in their significant relationships with others, as well as experiment with improving their own self-care.

Our relationships move from survival and habitual patterns, and into choice-driven relationships based on more conscious factors. The infant self within us, living within our family of origin, had little choice but to survive and attempt to thrive. But the spiritual adult that is our true self comes to awaken to the power of personal choice, and is able to move us towards our choice, rather than to submit to the choices forced upon us by others. The Fourth Session is about the expansion – and freedom – of the human heart: to love and to suffer for loving, but to do so in order to bring about a better world for everyone.

Photographs in this post were taken in Angkor Thom, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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