The Fourth Chakra

anahata function and dysfunction

The Fourth Chakra (Anahata) is a large and complex energy center that emerges from the mid-thoracic spinal cord, and exits in the lower chest. Its primary function is to provide both self-care of the individual based on previous caring experiences first through mothering, and then extended that care to the father, and later to others. Early experiences of being cared for activate the psycho-emotional self-care system built into the Fourth Chakra, and provide the essential bridge into our humanity.

Other applications are when a client is challenged with a long term relationship, especially towards a parent or marriage partner. Cleaning away the residue of unresolved emotional gunk, and emphasizing self-cords (self-anchoring) helps pave the way towards personal growth, if not better health for the cardio-vascular system.

I consider Fourth Chakra energy healing work to be pivotal in every Six Session Series, as many of us do not practice good self-care, and instead focus on the caring of others . For instance, addictions could be seen as a malfunction in the Fourth Chakra. Instead of seeing his or her healthy needs the addictive individual cares only about the substance that is damaging their lives. They “love”the addiction, rather than themselves.

Clearing the Fourth Chakra of stagnant or unhelpful emotional energies is a part of Therapeutic Energy Healing work, especially with any necessary removal of invasive cords, along with the reinforcement of self-care cords.

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