The Fifth Session of the Six Session Series

giving voice to our true self

The Six Session Series with Dean Ramsden is one in-depth therapeutic healing spread out over six weeks, one per week. It uses a synergistic approach to healing, utilizing chakra and chakra cord work on each of the six major energy centers, working towards a common goal of the client. Review and reinforcement recordings of each session encourage deep penetration of the healing work into the physical and energy bodies of the client, to support maximal benefits from the Series.

Vishuddha (or the Fifth major chakra) governs our interaction with others, and with the world, through sound, taste, and our personal preferences. Fifth Chakra cords transmit an emotional connection based on what we value and prefer, over what we don’t like. By discerning, by knowing what is valuable, we build our individuated emotional body based on what we love, and then bond with others who share our preferences.

Healthy Fifth Chakra development results in our being able to explore and prefer one thing over the other, rather than non-choice where we demand everyone to be like us. Personal preference and choice leads us towards healthy individuation, and emphasizes freedom of the individual.

The Fifth Chakra becomes damaged in the face of the demands by others to align our personal preferences and choices with their own. Human interactions based on politically correct demands run counter to healthy Fifth Chakra development, because personal taste and preference go through many stages of development, and we need time and space to explore all options. Any pressure to conform to the personal taste and preferences of others constricts the individual, and in the worse cases creates a form of slavery that denies freedom of choice.

The Fifth Chakra and evolving our individuation

Unless we have autonomy over our own lives, and our individual expression, we are nothing more than the puppets of others. The lower three chakras develop a growing sense of individuation, but based on self-centered needs and desires that want or demand to be met. But it is the activation of the upper chakras that begin the separation from others, and into a unique expression of self. From the Fifth Chakra consciousness center onward we are increasingly making our own choices, and differentiating ourselves from the influences on us that stem from the past, or from our family and culture.

The Fifth Chakra sifts through all the history and influences it has been exposed to, and makes the leap from repeating the words and beliefs of others, into the increasing authority of the self to define reality in its own experience. This shift in the Fifth Chakra – moving beyond the existing power structures in society as well as with our family – is both a powerful one and a challenging event. Finding your own voice, your own words, your own truth of your perceptions, requires rebellion and courage. Perhaps the healthiest view of the fifth chakra is investing in the personal growth of calling things by their true names, and then changing predictable or habitual interactions.

Individuation requires first reviewing the past, and finding our place within the patterns of drama and control mechanisms. Then, we use the power of sound (speaking, singing, chanting) to begin to change or modify the outer world towards our personal vision. Prayer is one example of this, where the passion of the vocal prayer has the ability to tip the tables of the usual outcome, and move it towards a different one. The power of intention, infused with vocal focus, can affect both our inner and outer world, and thereby points us towards our personal power: the power of choice.

The focus of each Fifth Session of the Series

In the fifth session of the Six Session Series we take the progress or insights gained in the lower chakras, and the self-care chakra of the heart center, and begin to activate this power of choice. It is a complex shift because it requires increasing skill at the audible level (listening deeply, and reflectively), smelling the emotional tone of the interactions with others, examining what we eat and swallow, and of course, bringing our attention to how we communicate with others. Fifth Chakra work encompasses the throat, jaw, ears, nose, and taste buds.

The chakra cord work in the Fifth Session helps first identify and clear outer “voices” or emotional energies that overwhelm or distract the client’s authentic inner connection to their personal sovereignty: making their own choices, in their lives. This chakra cord work encompasses family heritage factors, the impact of parental voices, as well as society or cultural bias, all with a view towards bringing the client’s personal choice within their grasp.

Following this session the Sixth Session of the Six Session Series moves us towards enhanced cognition and opening to multiple options, but without the fifth chakra functioning well, and making a personal choice at each step, the upper chakras will tend towards serving other “voices” or viewpoints, rather than fully aid in the evolution and transformation, of the client. Without individuation we once again merge with the universe, as we did at the moment of conception.

In a nutshell, the fifth session work for each client is to articulate the vital issues in their life, to make hidden or ancestral voices apparent, and learn to speak their personal and unique viewpoint: one that celebrates the individuating soul, and their journey throughout this lifetime.

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Healing and transforming your emotional body

Healing and transforming your emotional body

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The Sixth Session of the Six Session Series

The Sixth Session of the Six Session Series

upper chakra integration

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