The Fifth Chakra


The Fifth Chakra sprouts from the lower cervical spinal cord, and emerges out of the lower part of the neck. It has a major role in the articulation of words that are not only of personal expression but which carry the energetics of consciousness at the sonic level.

Integrated into the Fifth Chakra function is that of listening: the ears, and even the sensitivity of the skin to sound.

The Fifth Chakra is about sonic reality, and using sound to interrelate with the outer, creative universe. That experience is then integrated into the person’s perception of both themselves, and of the world as a whole.

Six Session Series works towards having the client speak and listen deeply: to themselves, and to others. It is only by shifting to a 60/40 balance of mostly listening (inside and outside of our self), and reducing the inner chatter that robs us of our innate wisdom and connection to health, that progress can be made.

Fifth Chakra cord work also address finding your authentic voice, expression, and personal creativity.

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