kind words from past clients

“I was fortunate to come across Dean by chance (or rather Google). Of course the first question that strikes one is “is this for real, and is this guy for real?” There’s all sorts of stuff out there on the ‘Net, and one has to be a little careful about remote stuff with people you haven’t met (people can have all ranges of abilities and agendas). Fortunately for me I took the plunge, and can report that it was both extremely helpful (in the healing way) and a privilege to connect with Dean. Dean is a person of impeccable integrity and ability who delivers what he says in a supportive and importantly client-attentive fashion, being someone who positions the techniques at his disposal to facilitate the clients required direction. I have no hesitation in recommending wholeheartedly for the unsure out there to try a session with Dean, when they will be able to appreciate his abilities, integrity and desire to help people evolve themselves.”

MB, Banking Consultant, London, UK

“Recently I began a series of video sessions on relational cord healing with Dean Ramsden. Dean has a wealth of knowledge and expertise based on years of personal experience. In his teaching through the video sessions there is a clarity and precision that comes through very effectively. With this video format I have enjoyed having the undivided attention of the teacher! In addition the sessions are fun, as Dean has a wonderful sense of humor. I can definitely recommend this method of learning to anyone wishing to learn more about relational cord healing.”

H.L.S., Energy Healer, Winnipeg, Canada

“Dean Ramsden is one of those rare healers who truly helps transform your life. He owns a unique and powerful command of energy dynamics and knowledge of healing the human spirit. His powerful yet gentle presence creates an environment you can feel totally safe in. It is an honor recommend his services.”

Sky Lubka, Energy Healer, Miami, USA

“Since I did not know Dean I really didn’t know what to expect from our Six Sessions together, but what happened still took me by surprise. At the end of our work I realized how much fun it is to be me, and what’s more, that’s who I want to be. Dean’s unique blend of healing skills, especially the self-cord work, plus his gentle teaching, has helped me uncover the person my soul incarnated to be. I feel exhilarated and free, as if I am on a brand new journey … and this one is leading me to myself.”

L.P., Energy Healer/Craniosacral Therapist, Washington State, USA

“I have blossomed through my work with Dean. I have felt so held and heard by Dean, and what he personally has done for me is to constantly reflect back to me my soul’s longing and path. In so doing, Dean has given me the template for doing so with all the men and friends in my life, and with my healing clients.?

Rebecca Coursey, Energy Healer, USA

“Dean Ramsden is a truly wonderful, honorable, and trustworthy person, and I profoundly respect and appreciate him for everything he has given to me. Mr. Ramsden is a wonderful healer who sends his energy precisely to the specific complaints of his clients and provides them a safe place where they will never be denied. He can also reassure his clients that they do not need to fear. As soon as energy flows out of him, healing will take place.”

K.S., Japan

“I’m whole in ways I couldn’t have conceived of without my work with Dean, and I know I’m growing in my ability to bring compassion, humor and curiosity to the ways in which I am not aware. I love myself, and so others, supported by a growing sense of safety and trust in life. This would not have been possible without my relationship with Dean Ramsden.”

Susan Miller, Energy Healer, Nurse, UK

“Dean’s presence and constant reassurance of my abilities to heal motivated me to go all the way towards reaching my potential. He was like Virgil in Dante’s Inferno, guiding me through my own little hell until I could let it go, and just be myself. My life took on a greater depth and the pieces that I had thought lost forever began to emerge during, and after, his treatments. I highly recommend him as a Teacher and a Healer.”

Enrique Arellano, Energy Healer, Barcelona, Spain

“The seminar was amazing! In fact, by the end of the first day, it was clear I had to train with Dean. I am still experiencing a huge and wonderful shift in my energy since the seminar. In fact, several people who attended said they had reached a decision on an important issue that had been pending in their lives, as a direct result of participating in the seminar! Besides being so highly credentialed, Dean is a master communicator and master healer. Through logic, love and his use of practical examples, he conveys his material with wisdom, receptivity and wonderful humor. If you have even the slightest notion of attending one of his workshops or seminars, by all means do it! You will thank yourself, and of course, Dean!”

M.Y., Northern California, USA

“Dean’s seminar was truly transformational. In a safe, nurturing environment he transcends the airy-fairy New Age hype with practical tools for creating a true “in the body” experience from which to grow a more satisfying life. I took what I learned this past weekend and have already started to see the tangible results in my life.”

“I found the public seminar very inspiring. Dean creates a very safe place for participants and his easy teaching style is sprinkled with just the right amount of levity. His non-confrontational instruction enables even beginners to learn a tremendous amount in a very short time.”

Rebecca MacQuinn, Boston, MA, USA

An experience of Skype/video conferencing sessions with Dean

“When I started the sessions with Dean, I was at the point of being ready for a new challenge and new ways to enhance my healing practice. I had the feeling there were parts of me that were not being used or accessed in my healing work and I was open to learning how to tap into these potentials. The work in Relational Energy that Dean described, sounded very interesting so I registered for sessions over Skype. Because my situation at home was such that traveling to a workshop was very difficult, sessions over Skype seemed like an excellent alternative even though a completely new experience for me. These sessions have continued usually once a week for the last year and have consisted of a mix of lecture and discussion, practice with invited clients and healings for myself. This weekly frequency has worked well for me as it keeps the material always present. Each session on Skype has been recorded and I have found that to be almost essential. This means that I do not have to take notes during the session, and then later in the week I review what was discussed and presented and make my own notes. Skype is an excellent medium for this kind of instruction. With the teaching spread out over time, in small increments, it has been easier to absorb and integrate the material. Then there is the convenience of working from my own home without the necessity or expense of travel. I have come to appreciate very much the teaching format of one on one, with the ability to ask questions when they surface, without competition from other students. This format also allows the information to be tailored specifically to my needs.

This program of study has been very valuable in helping me develop new skills and concepts that have served to expand my healership. The content of the lectures has been wide ranging in covering the aspects of Relational Energy, both cord work and working with the Astral realm while taking into account the developmental aspects of human consciousness. Beginning at an elementary level, the information has gradually increased in complexity and depth. Dean is continually monitoring to make sure the material is understood and grasped. The inclusion of practice clients and healings for myself has added greater richness to the whole. Being guided through a healing while Dean directs and monitors the session over Skype has been a new and fascinating experience for both myself and my clients and provides an immediate way to put the material to use. Over the course of several different practice clients I have gained a sense of how to use different approaches to meet the unique needs of each individual and how effective this work can be in totally different situations. In addition to the practice clients, I have used cord and astral work with my regular clients and the feedback received from them has confirmed the effectiveness of this work through the change that has surfaced in their lives. If issues and questions arise with these clients then I have the opportunity to bring those to the next session with Dean. Having this work spread out over the course of the year has, from my perspective, greatly contributed to the effectiveness that I have experienced in both receiving and giving healings.

The healings that I have received have given me insight into how Relational Energy works in practice and can affect an individual’s life. In these healings for myself I have found that this work enhances my own inner process and complements other personal and process work I am doing. Space is opened up for something new to come in and that has also been the effect for my clients. The work is subtle and unobtrusive and not dramatic or cathartic. It is only later as I look back, that I realize how much has changed. For me personally this has been a year of learning and growing and going deeper within myself. Dean has been unfailingly supportive and insightful as I have continued to deal with major issues in my life. There is a flexibility and adaptability in his teachings that keeps everything flowing in an organic and connected manner. The three components to this study, lecture and discussion, practice clients and personal healings have each contributed in their own way to my own self exploration and have consistently complemented and enhanced other aspects of my personal process.”

– Luella Sinha, Canada

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