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Like many professional healers I’ve studied different systems of energy healing throughout my career, with my own emphasis being on astral healing, chakra cord work, and  with assisting clients in using insight to create a paradigm shift in their lives. This helps a client “re-boot” their personal life situation to a whole new level.

This post is about a lesser-known chakra: the Talu chakra. This is a small energy center located in the human brain stem, although other tantric yoga systems have different maps. I first encountered this tiny energy chakra during my ten year teaching tenure at the original Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH). I was the Class Dean of the second year of the program, and tasked with teaching new students about the Astral healing skills, as well as supporting them in coming to terms with personal process issues.

I was curious why my students exhibited over-charged brain stems and excessive Astral involvement during Astral healing work at the school. My assumption was that Astral flooding was part of their training program, and how better to learn about Astral healing than by immersing yourself in it? In retrospect, the BBSH students were processing far more lower Astral energy than was healthy, or helpful.

Once I had left BBSH in 2003 I was free to return to an objective study of the Talu chakra, and the other higher chakras, and was greatly assisted by my discovery of Shyam Sundar Goswarmi’s book, “Layayoga”. It came to me that the Talu chakra was both a receiver of astral consciousness, as well as the main conduit in our communications with Astral entities. Psychic healers have very highly charged Talu chakras compared to the general population, which makes them “food stations” for Astral entities roaming at large in the material world. An over-charged Talu chakra will also affect the human nervous system in a negative way. In short, a strong psychic with poor boundaries makes a wonderful meal for Lower Astral entities!

Without a good regime of regular astral hygiene, and a strong energetic container, psychics are often at the mercy of various forms of psychic invasion and energy draining. The Sushumna (energetic spinal column) can become clogged with various Astral influences, dragging the healer’s vibration to a low, level, perhaps affecting their health. But by clearing out Astral debris, and by reinforcing the boundaries of the Talu chakra, the same psychic healer can learn to both tolerate – and even to thrive – in a high-Astral environment.

Here are some of the symptoms that may suggest an over-charged Talu chakra:

  • An increase in mental restlessness and insomnia: a churning mind, full of voices or ideas that are jumbled around, as if you are tuning into different astral frequencies at random.
  • Energy drain that does not respond to the usual remedy of good diet, extra rest, or taking vacation time.
  • A sudden obsession, such as food or recreational drug use, has recently taken over your life.
  • Jolts or shakes randomly occur in the body, especially in the neck and head segment.
  • Vivid astral dreams that leave you disturbed rather than rested.
  • An increase in your personal fear levels, and difficulty in soothing yourself when anxious.
  • You may find yourself saying inappropriate or hostile words to others that are not your words, as though someone else is speaking through yo

If you are struggling with astral invasion, have difficulties during your training as a psychic healer, or exhibit some of the above symptoms, please consider a Talu chakra clearing session with either myself, or one of my graduates. You deserve to have good boundaries with the astral, and to have your life force flow in a healthy direction… and not unknowingly feed into the Lower Astral.

The Upper Chakra healing protocol

The Sixth Session of the Six Session Series of Relational Energy Therapy aims at performing specialized work with the upper chakras. Work to strengthen or repair the energetic container of the auric field is followed by the focus upon relational chakra cords and self-cords, heritage (family pattern) cords, and astral healing. The Six Session Series is an advanced healing protocol spread out over six sessions, with the week-long gaps between the sessions to allow for integration and auric field development. Here is what occurs at the end of any Six Session Series: energy healing support for upper chakra development.

Upper chakra energy work consists of:

  1. Guiding the natural energetic flow of prana up the client’s Sushumna nadi (the energetic aspect of the spinal cord) with the intention to widen it, allowing for more bandwidth to become available for Earth Qi to energize the client’s system.
  2. The previous clearing work on Talu chakra (during the first two sessions of the Six Session Series) is then taken to the next level by drawing refined prana (i.e., prana now transmuted through the client’s consciousness system from journeying up the chakra system) around, and into, the depolarized and astrally-cleared brainstem.
  3. The flow of refined prana is then directed up and towards the back of the head, to nourish Bindu chakra, and access to the Higher Astral.
  4. This increasingly highly-energized prana is then directed horizontally through the structures of the energetic brain, inclusive of the pineal and pituitary glands, the amygdala, and related structures.
  5. The final destination for this protocol is Ajna chakra: the Sixth chakra, and pre-frontal lobe brain development. The pranic flow terminates here, feeding Ajna chakra with information gleaned from its journey throughout the entire energy body. The Sixth chakra can now provide the specific insights needed for further personal growth.

The practical result of all this work is to support or stimulate the client towards increasingly higher levels of consciousness. In effect, it speeds up your personal process. All of us are wired for upper chakra functioning, but most don’t have it activated or integrated into their functioning senses. This work is designed to help you gain access to greater insight, and increased perception.

An important part of the Six Session chakra work is to encourage the Guru chakra to enhance its connections with the lower and more personality-focused (or individuated) chakras. The Guru chakra, located just above the top of the head, contains the distillation and advanced witnessing capability that reduces all life experiences into distilled soul learning. It digests and leaves behind personality-driven memories, and deposits only spiritual awareness and compassion into the higher consciousness of the soul.

This is what we take with us into our next incarnation: distilled life experience, drawn through the Guru chakra. What is not fully processed or completed in our lives may remain lodged in the auric field until such a time as it can be solved in another incarnation. Undigested life lessons are the subject of Past Life healing, and are dealt with separately outside of the Six Session Series format. Past Life healings move towards completing the life lessons of a previous life, thereby freeing up vital reserves of “auric processing power” for our current incarnation.

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Six Session Series or a single session?

Six Session Series or a single session?

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Guru chakra

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