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For ten years I taught Astral Healing at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, helping to develop skills that evolved from basic Shamanic spirit release work into an appreciation of the wisdom and power inherent in our human connections to non-physical beings. Like many healers I have experienced both high-level and low-level entities in the spirit words, and have learned to both recognize – and work with –  each category. But there is a third type of astral being I encountered: the ambivalent astral entity. These beings exist beyond our simplistic black/white categorizing and appear to trade the interaction with humans – where they gain prana – with an opportunity to speed up the human host’s personal growth. They provide opportunities for us to go deeper into the human learning journey. However, they lack human values such as compassion and moral integrity, which means they can exploit the innocent easily.

An example of ambivalents are the many types of astral beings that I have seen attached to humans that both feed and stimulate an addiction. Classical Shamanic energy healing usually works towards removing such entities using the same paradigm as Western medicine: if it appears bad for you, pull it out or block it. But if we apply a more Eastern approach to addictive entities we can see them as possessing great potential in assisting humans to expand their life experience. The trick is, of course, to know when enough is enough. Two glass of wine shared with an old friend is a warm, delightful time of human connection. Drinking an entire bottle alone may be symptomatic of depression, or alcohol dependency. Ambivalent astral beings will be attracted to the energy of both situations: feeding on the delight of the higher and the dark pleasure of the lower, in effect straddling human moral systems. Where experiencing life fully in order to transcend a polarity’s illusory grip is always the goal of personal growth, we often find any astral entity involved in the struggle of healing an addiction to be the gatekeeper of higher wisdom. It may be a symbolic “Dragon” guarding the pearl of great price… our transformation to higher consciousness.

Metaphysics is one thing; effecting real change in an energy healing is quite another. On the practical side of my astral work with clients I utilize a major gateway to the spirit world known as Talu chakra, a tiny psychic center located in the human brain stem. It is this primitive doorway to other realms that is brings together both the gift and the curse of the astral realms: it opens up our consciousness to experience alternate life forms, but it is deeply embedded in the Reptilian part of our physical brain’s evolutionary development. As such, we tend to react to the astral with the emotional wiring of our early ancestors: with either disarming awe, or paranoid distrust. These reactions (rather than our reasoned adult responses) downgrade our options in any meeting we may have with denizens of the spirit world. Unless a certain amount of conscious awareness has developed in us we will remain in an infantile relationship with the spirit realms, and unable to meet with them as co-equal inhabitants of a shared and evolving universe.

So, the next time you come across an astral entity in your healing work, maybe take pause. Are you reacting towards it according to your Reptilian brain? Either through fear, or with awe? Overly positive or overwhelmingly negative? Or can you meet it as a co-equal sentient being, as a potential ally?  I encourage you to take a chance to befriend that which your biology fears, and reach towards a new world of understanding.

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