Slow-moving healing

positive changes in small steps lead to a turning point

There are different rates of energetic healing for different issues that we have to deal with in our lives. This is not unlike the way the human body heals from physical challenges. Sometimes transformational energy healing work only takes a few weeks or months, but we often have to deal with a problem whose root lies so deep, or is buried under much early life material, that it may take years, or even decades to resolve.

Slow-moving healing is characterized by positive changes happening in small steps, but the underlying issue still showing up and affecting our lives. Things may get better, after initial and important work, and we no longer, perhaps, are drawn to the same addiction, or a similar person in relationship, but the issue still pops to the surface to get our attention, on occasion.

But once a slow-healing issue does begin to finally release, perhaps by using a new approach than one tried before, many radical changes will happen for us. It is as if a light goes on, in a darkened room, along with an emotional sense of freedom and gratitude. We should never settle for anything less than a full and complete closure to any challenging issue.

To deepen or to speed up your healing process:

* Focus on the location of the event within the physical body, and implement change in that area, or one representing it, through dietary shifts, or through ongoing exercise

* Replace supportive habits to the issue with more productive options, thereby depriving the old issue with ongoing energy

* Keep dream journal, as slow-healing resolution will be noted in your dream life

Slow-healing events are a long time in coming but when they arrive they signal a turning point in our lives. Like death followed by rebirth, the final healing of a complex and chronic issue in your life will bring a freshness to your eyes, and delight into your heart. And, as an added bonus, you may feel younger again.

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