Six Session Series or a single session?

To understand your options in Relational Energy Therapy – the application of astral energy healing skills to chakra and chakra cord functioning – let’s look closely at this style of energy healing, and how it works in helping you.

The human energy body acts as a template and invisible guide for physical, emotional, and cognitive or rational aspects of our individuated self:

Each major chakra is a specialized operating system governing a key aspect of our reality.

◊ The First Chakra anchors human consciousness within the material world, building boundaries of self-containment, and safe exploration of all aspects of being human.

◊ The Second Chakra specializes in emotional attachment to important people in our lives, shedding those bonds for more mature ones as we age.

◊ The Third Chakra focuses on our mental or cognitive nature, and creates maps of meaning that it then overlays with emotional content.

◊ The Fourth Chakra adds self-care of the individuating human, along with extending caring towards others over the long term. It governs our family, and our community.

◊ The Fifth Chakra governs personal expression, communication, and taking in multiple sources of input from others and from the world, such as sound, smell, taste, and touch.

◊ The Sixth Chakra brings online the higher function of the nervous system, elevating our consciousness towards seeing beyond the known universe, and into alternate realities that are embedded in every moment of life.

The Astral World

These major chakras anchor into certain areas of the human body, such as endocrine glands and the central nervous system. Esoteric sources from the distant past also suggest that the chakras allow contact and communication between multiple dimensions of reality, and not just three-dimensional space. A four-dimensional reality, co-existing with the physical reality we are familiar with, is given the classical name of “Astral World”.

Because the Astral world is accessed through an expanded human energy system (one some have labelled as “psychic”) it is subject to a wide span of interpretation, either as being the source of “evil” as in traditional Christianity, or a doorway into our full psycho-spiritual potential, as in some forms of Shamanism, or non-European native wisdom traditions.

Chakra cords connect and awaken us to our potential

The chakra cords are seen by shamans and energy healers as the conduit between individuals, an invisible psycho-emotional connection that both develops our human potential as well as individuates us from other people. Chakra cords pass energies to and from our auric fields, similar to how our computer or mobile devices connects us to the internet via specific web site addresses.

Important people in your life have a psycho-emotional “address” that links a chakra cord to them, or from them. Without such a connection at the energetic level, we would all be isolated within our own consciousness. There would be no individuation, only the replication of that which originally birthed us. Without a functional chakra cord inter-relational system, there would be no possibility of a unique self.

Additionally, chakra cords have different modes of operating. They can either work at a basic drive level (seeking to fulfill human drives, such as survival, finding sources of food, sexuality, etc) or move us to the next level of seeking relational contact with others, so as to move from psycho-spiritual isolation and into contact with other sentient beings.

The Astral Body: your soul’s individuated self

The creation of the unique self, via decades of emotional and cognitive development, is housed in our Astral body. The astral body is the amalgam of our soul and our human personality, condensed into its essential elements. The astral body is not given to us, but rather created by us, by all our efforts over our lifetime, or perhaps even multiple lifetimes. The developed astral body helps activate our full potential as pre-wired into the major chakras, as well as helps us to tap into supportive allies on our journey though life.

Our focus in your sessions

Relational Energy Therapy focuses on the following workflow, with each client:

1. The emotional clearing of specific chakras, along with the exploration of the function or dysfunction of the chakra

2. Psycho-emotional clearing of important individuals in the client’s life, especially if pertaining to an issue they have come to the healer to resolve

3. Supporting the development of the client’s Astral body by increasing chakra self-cord development. Chakra self-cords sprout from each important relationship cord we are impacted by (such as the mother and the father), and funnel life experience back into the individuated energy system of the client. Self-cords are either motivated by basic drives, or by relational issues.

4. Open up the client’s awareness to hidden factors in their history and their relationships, so the client can place their challenges into the perspective of self-authorship: the freedom of each choice in their lives being made for themselves, rather than allowing others (or social culture) to define their lives for them.

5. Either reduce the influence of the lower astral world (low-level spirit beings) on the client’s life, or increase the presence of the higher astral world (spirit guides or mentors) for the client.

6. Help the client orientate around key decisions, or developmental aspects of their lives and the choices they make, so that they can activate the highest potential or the most healthy outcome to any issue leading to forward movement in their lives. Usually, one (or two) of the major chakras are pivotal in this shift towards growth.

For more information on the therapeutic aspects of Relational Energy Therapy, please read the “Basic Themes In A Therapeutic Process” article, on this website.

The Six Session Session Series

Relational Energy Therapy uses a modular approach, called the Six Session Series, where six sessions each focus on a specific major chakra, and where the client’s focus for their Series is helped tremendously as we spiral up the chakra system, session by session, to create forward momentum in their lives.

In effect, the Six Session Series is one healing spread out over six weeks, clearing and activating each major chakra in a session, and adding in valuable chakra cord and chakra self-cord work.

The Six Session Series format – which can be extended for as long as the client wishes, stringing together multiple Series – helps reveal the major points in a client’s life that are looking to evolve them, heal them, and transform their issue into a higher form of their life.

Single Sessions

For those not ready to use the Six Session Series format, individual sessions can be taken, over time, adding up to making incremental progress over time, rather than large and fast shifts. Each client will intuitively know what they need: slow and steady progress, or a more indepth approach. Trust your inner knowing, in your pacing.

The client can use the mp3 reinforcement recordings provided to them, to deepen the energetic imprint of each session. In some cases, sessions may be transcribed, offering the client an opportunity to read about their own issues and life events, learning to see through new eyes. Any new perspective that is achieved by the client then forms an entry point into their evolving energy body development, and supports new options and choices in their life.

The Six Session Series elevates single session work by opening up the cognitive and emotional astral body of the client to new options, and increased sensitivity as to their choices for themselves. But Single Session work also has a lot of value.

Single session work can be important, and useful if financial reasons inhibit a client taking on a Six Session Series. The longer the span of time spent on our life issues, the greater yield of the fruit of our work arrives for us. Find your pacing, either as an intensive piece of work, a prolonged exploration over time, or by using single sessions spaced out over months: it is your choice.  As long as you are dedicating yourself to your own evolution, commensurate results will flow from all your efforts. All of our personal efforts and risks create the very energy of change that transforms our lives.

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