Shamanic Healing: a modern approach

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Shamanic healing is traditionally a combination of four areas of human interactions that are known to be helpful in the quest for physical and emotional growth:

  1. The recognition that we have two levels of beingness in our lives. The first is our emotional self that grows out of a response to the past, and adapts itself to society. The second is a more intuitive and individualistic emotional self, one that strives for deeper truths and creative expression than was given to us by others, or is represented in everyday society
  2. While the physical systems of the material body provide different needs (eg, nervous system, cardiovascular system), the two selves of human beings have energetic centers of consciousness that exist and function outside of the material body. These are called chakras, or energy gates, and are connected via nadis or meridian systems
  3. When one human energy system connects to another human energy system, it has the ability to re- orient a sick or ailing energy system, and enhance those those energy consciousness aspects that need support or repair. The basic method of this is resonance (transmission), and the intermediate method is rebalancing flows and ending any habituated stagnation of meridian flows. The advanced method is to teach the other person a more effective way to run their emotional auric energy system, so that their intuitive self is activated or supported, and becomes self-healing, naturally shifting into a higher level of functioning.
  4. There is an impact on the physical and emotional selves caused by non-human, multi-dimensional beings (spirit beings). These beings either help or hinder our health, or personal growth.

Shamanic or Tantric healing methods in our ancient past utilized these four approaches to healing. They have since been separated out, in the modern era, into a) healing and repair of the physical body (Western medicine), b) working with energetic flows in the body (Chinese medicine), c) re-orientation of the energy body through resonance (hands-on healing and Reiki), d) emotional growth (psychotherapy), and e) spirit possession work. However, each of these specializations tends to ignore the influence of the other aspects to the whole person.

Therapeutic Energy Healing strives towards bringing together these four shamanic perspectives – differentiation of the two selves, chakra health and functioning, resonance and rebalancing of energetic flows, and working with awareness of the impact of spirit beings – and essentially duplicates the ancient Shamanic ways of healing and personal growth. It is a modern approach resting on ancient methods and understanding of the human energy fields. As such, it is not better than the older methods, but rather more accessible to modern day people.

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