Sessions with Dean

The Single Session

Relational Energy Therapy sessions are a combination of coaching and energetic healing treatments. Together, you and Dean will explore what is important to you, and co-create a treatment plan that will support your spiritual growth, your relationships, or your physical health. The Single Session is for introduction to chakra cord and astral work, and can be used for short-term goals. This session (as well as the Six Session and Big Three Mini-Series sessions) is 50 minutes in length.

Cost: 175 USD including the MP3 Reinforcement Recording of the session

The Six Session Series

This is an in-depth healing that spreads over six weeks, one session per week. Go to this post for how to work with Dean. With your goals for healing or personal growth at the forefront, each week will address the implications of chakra and chakra cord involvement, and personal growth:

Session One: The First Chakra is addressed through auric boundary clearing, and energetic rooting into the living planet. This session provides the foundation for more radical cord work in the following sessions

Session Two: The Second Chakra governs our initial relational attachments to others, and how our early development impacted our emotional life. Chakra cord work can clear away emotional debris, leaving us able to focus on creating potent change or enhanced health in our lives

Session Three: The Third Chakra is cleared and chakra cords work addresses our beliefs and mental maps of our options, and cognitive reality

Session Four: The Fourth Chakra healing work zeros in on the self-care aspects of our energy system, as well as how we extend ourselves towards other in our important, long-term relationships

Session Five: Fifth Chakra cord work helps to clear and fine-tune the ways in which we express ourselves, as well as how we listen and take in information from the material world

Session Six: The final session utilizes integration work, to include brain stem clearing, and the optimizing of pranic flow up the spinal cord, and into the Sixth Chakra

For a more detailed account of each session in a Six Session Series, please click here and visit this link.

Cost: 950 USD (discounted from the regular single rate of 1050 USD), including MP3 Reinforcement Recordings for each session.

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The Big Three Mini-Series

The auric energy field and chakras respond to energy work best when a client receives three sessions at a minimum. The Big Three Mini-Series increases the effectiveness of any Single Session by adding on two specific cord clearings: the mother cord, and the father cord. Taken together, the Big Three (sessions that focus on: Auric Boundary Clearing and Rooting, Mother Cord Cleaning, and Father Cord Cleaning) are the ideal introduction to the Relational Energy Therapy approach. Any introductory Single Session can be converted to a Big Three Mini-Series, upon request, and is helpful if the client is not ready for the Six Session Series.

Go here to a helpful post on Big Three Mini-Series work

Cost: 175 USD per session, including the MP3 Reinforcement Recordings.

Pre-Surgical and Post-Surgical Energy Healing

One of the practical applications of distance energy healing work is to assist a patient undergoing surgery via pre-surgery and post-surgical support. The Etheric body is the matrix upon which the physical body grows – and interacts – with the material world. From the perspective of the Etheric and Astral bodies the surgical event begins weeks prior to the surgery, as our forward-thinking psyche non-consciously prepares for changes to the body’s integrity. These healing sessions support you in having a successful surgery, along with enhanced healing afterwards. Go to this post for more details. Usually clients choose one Pre-Surgical Session, and two Post-Surgical Sessions, but you are free to opt for more support, if needed.

Cost: 175 USD per session, including MP3 Reinforcement Recordings

The “Off-Line” or Absent Healing Session

Sometimes it is not possible to work with Dean on Skype, due to time zone challenges, or language difficulties. For these situations, Dean offers an absent healing session, scheduled while the client is sleeping. The session is recorded, and sent to the client the following day. This healing is 30-40 minutes in length.

Cost: 175 USD including MP3 Reinforcement Recording

The MP3 audio files included with each Relational Energy Therapy or Surgical Healing session, contain both the initial dialogue with Dean and client, but also a narration of the actual healing event itself. By listening to the healing session one or several times, while relaxing using a playback source and headphones, the client can experience a deepening of the original energy session. Effectiveness of the healing sessions recorded on mp3 audio has been found to be 7-10 days.

Booking a session, Terms of Service, and important disclaimers

◊ Dean only books sessions over Email () or on FaceBook chat.

◊ Dean works with you over Zoom or Skype only.

◊ Sessions and online classes are prepaid and billed to your email address via PayPal or you can send cash via Western Union. Please note Dean’s refund policy, below.

◊ Please give 48 hours notice of any cancelled session, otherwise Dean will have to charge you for a missed appointment. If you are 15 minutes late coming online, the session will have to be cancelled and you will be charged for that session.

◊ Refunds can only be granted if you cancel your Single Session or Six Session Series 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Please note that 14 days before any online class is taught, no refunds on tuition or digital recordings will be given from that point onwards. For more on refunds, see above.

◊ Due to the nature of energy healing sessions with other clients,  Zoom or Skype sessions with Dean may start (and end) a few minutes late, so please watch your Zoom chat box (or email) for a report of any delays. In the event of a late start by Dean you will, of course, get your full session time.

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