Self-directed soul retrieval

retrieving our lost parts

Soul retrieval is a shamanic term used to describe rituals that strive to re-connect someone seriously traumatized at the emotional level back into contact with themselves. Soul loss, a painful loss of our life force, is often initiated through shock (dissociation) or theft by another (i.e., energy body invasive interactions).

In Therapeutic Energy Healing, soul retrieval is addressed by first reducing the emotional energy impact of others (as in generalized astral clearing), and then astral extraction methods are applied so as to eliminate or stem psychic invasion within the client’s body. Learning these practical skills necessitates the exploration of our own energy body, and the three main dimensions of physicalpsycho-emotional (or Astral), and Etheric (sub-material templates that unpack themselves as we grow). Psychotherapy and depth psychology provides us with much of the groundwork for psycho-emotional development and healing, while the esoteric wisdom traditions (including shamanism and occult practices) add in important aspects of transformation work.

Individuals seeking to use this material must first come to be able to discern the energy bodies in themselves, and then learn to interact with these forces in order to help others. This is the core of transformational energy healing work: shamanism plus esoteric and therapeutic understanding leads us towards awakening ourselves to our full potential.

One way to build appreciation of the power of soul retrieval work is when we work with any personal and emotional issue from our own lives. Often we may find ourselves weakened or challenged by certain relationships, ones which impact upon our awareness long after they have ended. Lingering symptoms of emotional distress or suffering connected to specific others can often be traced back to where we lost emotional energy in a past situation or relationship. By learning how to return lost emotional energy to our energy body, we effectively do a soul-retrieval healing upon ourselves. The return of lost emotional energy in our past relationships can lead to renewed passion for existing or future relationships, because we are no longer defending our boundaries against emotional invasion.

This is why self-directed and  healer-directed methods of soul retrieval are important tools in every energy healer’s repertoire. The results of this kind of work are very notable, and direct. Both methods also employ the use of self-cords: relational cords that back-link into the chakra head, sprouting out of a relational cord. When we form relational connections with others, and there is a mutual flow along the cord (in other words, an emotional bond is formed), with the self cords (or back links) storing important emotional material uncovered in any particular relationship, within the chakra head itself. This experience activates the vital functionality of that chakra.

For instance, when I am attached to my mother, via a relational chakra cords, and there is an emotional flow to and from our connection, I will naturally form self cords from that connection: back links that, in this case, awaken “maternal care” in my chakra system. I will now be able to be maternal with others, as well as with myself and my own emotional needs, as the function of “mother” has been experienced and activated by the internalized experience of “mother”. However, sometimes we will emotionally bond with someone who is not good for us, or who has emotional problems that create suffering for us.

We have all had relationships that we have had to limit, close down, or which have ended badly. The psycho-emotional energy we have invested in those difficult relationships will need to be recovered and reassessed, in order to move on with our lives. It may happen naturally, without any conscious intervention. But if a challenging or toxic relationship from our past remains in our energy system, it can trigger repeating events in our lives, perhaps attracting more suffering in the future. A better option is to clear difficult past relational connections, and power down the self-cords (or back links) that were put in place.

A self-directed soul retrieval works to deconstruct our emotional past, and then recapture the lost parts of us, or the places we betrayed ourselves knowingly or unknowingly. First we do the therapeutic deconstruction of the past relationship, and then we can discern where the energy loss has occurred. Soul retrieval work done on us by another is the second step, and self-directed or inner work on recovering emotional material is the final part of the work. This could take many months or even years to complete, but the rewards are the invigoration of our emotional life, and the ending of the toxic interactions we have endured during our our lives. We grown not only from relationship, but through the ending of relationship.

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