Relational Energy Therapy

professional energy healing skills

Relational Energy Therapy is the name given to specific skills within the larger domain of Therapeutic Energy Healing, ones that can be used by energy healers of any style or previous training, and who want to deepen their astral and chakra relational cord skill set.

These skills include:

  1. Study of the chakras as a developmental system, where each chakra has major functions and can dysfunction in predictable ways
  2. Chakra emotional healing clearing skills, to help each energy center work optimally in the client’s life
  3. Relational energy chakra cords that transmit and receive life energy from other people in the client’s life.
  4. Chakra relational self-cord work, the internal energetic wiring of the individuated self.
  5. Basic to intermediate Astral Healing skills used to clear away hindrances or unhealthy hindrances due to interactions or relationships with others.

Japanese graduates of Relational Energy Therapy contact list

Examples of Relational Energy Healing topics can be found in the 2014 Bali workshop hosted on YouTube, and on my Podia site.

Dean offers a certification training course in Relational Energy Therapy for healers

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Bali workshop on energy healing & chakra development

Bali workshop on energy healing & chakra development

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