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intermediate energy healing

In intermediate-level chakra cord work we can distinguish three important cord relational connection and dynamics, each having notable structure and functions:

  1. The application of will towards deepening connections and by doing so, transforming the self from potential into manifested growth
  2. An association: rather than intertwining around each other, an association is two chakra cords meeting only at a certain point, intersecting but not intertwining. These are relationships where there are shared goals, or shared functions, but no deeper and supportive relationship. Once the goal or function of the relationship is completed, the association cord usually retreats, or dissolves. On occasion, it can evolve into a full mutual relationship as it can provide the basis of trust and compatibility needed for any mutual connection between people
  3. An exploitative relationship: one fueled by one (or both) parties seeking to gain an advantage from the other with minimal investing of relationship by the exploiter. This cord connection is far less direct than the other two cord dynamics, as it often seeks to emulate the first two (subterfuge) or manipulate to gain by exploiting relational or social rules of engagement. In other words, it is psychopathic or sociopathic in nature

These three cord connections also have important variations as they grow or evolve over time. For instance:

The Full mutual relationship deepens safety and humor over time, and fosters creative energies to flow, or to flower. 

The association cord connection meets and then drops contact, sometimes re-appearing when a new situation that calls upon the association to function once again, arrives. In other words, the signal drops, and then picks up, through the symbolic astral “internet”. It also has capacity to shift from activated association (functional) to NPC status (Non Playable Character). The NPC is a computer gaming term meaning a character who is present but not relatable.

Exploitative relationships require deep study, as they emulate all other cord relational dynamics but are constantly seeking for the maximum benefit from a minimal investment in relational energy. Not only do they copy a healthier cording style but they seek an “exploit”: a weakness in the other person’s relational structure, that drains the other of a resource, and shields the exploiter from discovery. We find this tactic commonly in nature, as one species exploits the nature of another species in order to survive or to feed.

Intermediate to advanced chakra cord healing first looks to sort through the cord connections, and assign realistic roles to the client’s relationships: full mutual, associations,”NPC” status, overt exploitative, and hidden exploitative. Once that is done astral clearing techniques can be applied to clarify what the client wishes to gain (or avoid losing!) in any relationship that they are dealing with.

When we add the perspective of heritage energies, or family karmic patterns, into chakra cord work, we may find these three distinctions playing out in our families, or in our own lives, confusing us as to which they are, and often confounding us in which healthy options we should choose.

Finally, the impact of the Asral world, the hidden substrate of emotional and mental energies from non-human sources, must be included in more advanced forms of cord work. In the full mutual relationship we are often dealing with middle to higher astral aspects that are looking to be manifest in the material world, to be given physical form. In the association relationships there are discrete astral forces organized around function, for instance, effective business relationships, or therapist-client relationships. And in exploitative relationships we find the lower astral peeking “his” or “her” head up, looking for a free meal, or at least to be energized in some way, through the client’s life force (see Invasive cords).

All three chakra cord styles are necessary, in our human lives, and we should probably strive to be effective in clearing all three levels of relational cording, so we can sort through the many varied relationships in our lives, and make the best  choices for ourselves.

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