Dean provides an mp3 recording of your session, for both your personal review of the topics covered, but mostly as an aid to reinforce the energetics of the original session.

You can use the recordings in one, or both, of these options, according to your preference:

a) Review – listen to the recording again, and make notes on what gets your attention. By being an observer to your own session you may pick up on an issue or a clarification that will bear fruit in the future.

b) Reinforce – 24 hours or more after your session, replay the mp3 file of the healing portion of your session, while relaxing with closed eyes. Let yourself follow along with the description and tone of your session, in effect getting a second (or even a third) healing session running the same energy healing protocol.

Recordings download links are delivered to you, via Skype chat box (or an email if you prefer) up to 24 hours after your session is completed.

You will need to download and save the mp3 file within a week, as the file will be then deleted for your security.

Please don’t share your recordings with anyone else, as they are customized for you, and you alone. The energetics of your healing are encoded into the recording, and will attune to you, only. They are not transferable to another person, or a different situation for you in the future.

Finally, on rare occasions (usually due to a software or hardware problem) you may not be able to receive your recording. To avoid this possibility, Dean recommends that you learn to audio record your own session as a backup, using one of the many Skype Recorders available.

I asked three clients to write about their experience using the Reinforcement Recordings, and you can read about their experiences here on my blog: Using Reinforcement Recordings.

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Dean Ramsden practices and teaches Relational Energy Therapy, which combines chakra and chakra cord energy healing with astral (emotional body) work.