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life events are not random, we can use them for positive change

There is a very specific approach to personal growth and the transformation of our past, one that radically shifts everything in our lives. When we take every significant event in our experience as a potential teacher, rather than a help or a hindrance to our personal happiness, everything begins to change. This is the shamanic or natural mysticism of our human spiritual heritage: that things don’t just happen randomly, to us or to others. There is deep psycho-emotional meaning to each event, far beyond the shallow interpretation given to things that happen in the consensual reality of the modern individual. When we begin to look closely at what has happened to us, what is happening now, and we begin to track repeating patterns in our lives, we can use the approach of searching for hidden meaning to alter the probable trajectory of future events, and move ourselves into a higher and more satisfying reality: one where we are participating in life, rather than just taking up space in it.

One of the many values of any therapeutic energy healing system is that it can support and stimulate the self-tracking or self-observation that is needed for personal growth. But our emphasis here is not only one of increased attention or observation, as is promoted in some meditation practices. The second ingredient to personal growth, after increased awareness, is the embrace of interaction: with others, with the greater forces out in the universe, and with other aspects of ourselves. The embrace of interaction means that we actively engage with life, with others, and even with hidden aspects of our own psyche, in order to shift out of passive isolation, and into active relationship with the outer. Life then becomes our teacher, our taskmaster, our mentor. Attention plus embracing all events that impact us as meaningful, leads towards our eventual transformation.

There are, however, powerful forces at large that seek to inhibit or reject our personal growth, and which have a vested interest in keeping us isolated and unrelated to universal meaning. For all of its positive contributions to humanity, the modern science view of reality tends to reduce human beings to passive bystanders to material reality, rather than encourage us to engage in personal advancement. Modern day “reality” stresses the power of authority or the “expert”, to stand between us and the outer world, and to tell us what to do, and why. The social forces of every culture enforce control of groups and individuals by stressing differences, and by encouraging conflict with others. Personal growth undermines both science-ism and the social controllers, in that it stresses the impact of personal power over maintaining any current status quo. If a force outside of you wants to keep you shielded from the truth of things, and isolated from others, it is a part of the overall problem. The solution is to open ourselves up to new ideas, new experiences, and to new relationships with those very different from us. Then, we grow.

From a technical viewpoint, in Therapeutic Energy Healing, the middle to advanced aspects of chakra development and chakra cord work emphasize the process of searching for the meaning in outer and inner events, so that the client can feel the clear presence of their own inner potential. Problems or trauma from our past will come to no longer define our present and our future, but can be processed for their deep meaning, and eventually released from their influence on any potential personal future. Relational Energy Therapy chakra cord work is orientated around both making meaning conscious, as well as preparing the client for brand new things, for unseen new potential, to begin to appear in their life. And once any new potential arrives, intermediate and advanced chakra cord work actively supports the client in taking full advantage of any shift, and to help coming to terms with any new changes to the client’s energy body.

Relational connections with others should lead to increased human capacity for the self, and to added resources from a meaningful universe. In the end, we do not need a religion, or a spiritual leader, to find these connections; we only need to be open to life itself as our teacher, our mentor, our taskmaster. If we then pay close attention to what happens to us, and we strive to learn the teaching it has for us, we can then shift from a passive life into a vital, active, and empowered one. This is radical, especially since the wiring for auric body change is already in place, in our energy bodies. We just need to turn on the power switch, and start the processes of transformation. Beneficial and unexpected personal change naturally follows.

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