Western psychology has greatly benefited our health and wellbeing, focusing as it does on suppressed or repressed emotions, and distorted belief patterns that keep us from repeating toxic or challenging relationships or situations in our lives. “Talk” therapy, along with its Reichian step-sister Body Centered Psychotherapy – which takes the same approach as speaking to our issues but with the inclusion of the body – both use a similar approach to the healing process, striving to reveal what is hidden or distorted, in the client’s consciousness, and then to offer alternate solutions leading to more productive and inclusive actions.

Modern Shamanism, on the other hand, looks towards a different set of hidden factors in our lives, and affecting our relationships, and our life challenges. With the experience and knowledge of the Astral world, and the ability to relate with spirits and natural elements existing on the planet, with access to ritual technology and ancient wisdom, the Shaman of old would strive to return the person to balance. This would be done by either clearing negative or evil forces afflicting them, or would direct the person towards making prayers, entreating the spirit world, or offering some sacrifice that would help them overcome bad luck, or a psychic attack. In this  definition, a psychic attack is anything outside of us that either wishes us harm, or wants revenge for a perceived or actual insult, or simply wants to exploit and victimize a person.

The modern shaman, schooled in Western Psychology, can now pull from both these approaches: the psychotherapy of revealing what is hidden, and exploring healthier options, and accessing the support of the astral world, the natural forces, which will need to be brought into balance. To balance, we will need to banish anything from our lives that is in the way of our happiness and future growth, and we will need to evoke or create those elements that provide us with the resources to go beyond what we know, and evolve our consciousness.

To explore these subjects that support our healing and personal growth I have created two online classes, so we can together explore the potential of Western Shamanic knowledge, while at the same time integrating the modern-day psychological resources, such as those of developmental psychological research. Together, they provide a rich and meaningful mix of healing skills that can benefit the modern person, either at the personal level, or as a healer or psychotherapist in private practice.

In my June 2019 Online Class, titled “Psychic Attack: Strategies and Defenses”, we explored the important resources of Western shamanism, better known as the Esoteric Magical Tradition. In four one-hour classes, and an optional Professional Applications Livestream class, we looked at practical and time-honored ways that clean, clear, and banish toxic attacks upon our body, our emotions, and our personal free will. 

In the upcoming October 2019 Online class, “The Creation and Use of the Magical Mind: evoking and creating” we move into the material that balances any act of banishing, the evoking and creation of something new in our lives, something far more conducive to our personal and spiritual evolution than the imprint left on us by trauma, poor parenting, or shocking events in our lives that disconnect us from our personal meaning, from the connection to our soul’s wisdom.

We can integrate both approaches, both Banishing and Evoking, into our personal and spiritual quest for healing and evolution. It is not enough to banish: we must replace that cleared space in our energy body, with fresh, vital energy and options. It is not enough to only pray and evoke what we want: there is no space in our lives for the new if that space is occupied by the toxic, by a lack of development in our personal will, if we do not know our own power. Together, these two classes energize the wings of our desire for something more, the yearning to transcend our limited history, and soar into new terrritories.

I feel that these two classes can be taken in any order, and that the material will find each person who attends at the right time for them. Don’t feel restricted by having not been a part of the 2019 Psychic Attack class, as it will be taught again in 2020. You are invited to see the upcoming Evoking and Creating online class as an important place of entry – or a deepening – into the use of the Magical Mind. 

For more information about the Online Classes go here, or email Dean Ramsden directly through this website.

(c) 2019 by Dean Ramsden. All rights reserved.

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Dean Ramsden practices and teaches Relational Energy Therapy, which combines chakra and chakra cord energy healing with astral (emotional body) work.