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Chakra cord energy healing skills are a powerful way to support a client’s physical, emotional, and mental health, either when used as a stand-alone skill (as when we use Relational Energy Therapy) or if added to an existing healer’s skill set as an adjunctive tool. Chakra cord healing addresses both healthy connections with self and with others, as well as helping to clear relationships of old emotional or belief system patterns transmitted from one person to another.

A common application of chakra cord healing work is with negative or damaging emotional energies taken in from our family of origin: either a current generation father or mother, or going back two or three generations where an ancestor left a powerful imprint in the family, and which may still be affecting those who are alive.

The shamanic or Astral healing perspective is that a family has been cursed, and the bad luck, or bad health, that repeats in the family can be tracked back in time to an ancestor. It is the repeating of the bad luck, or the chronic nature of ill-health, that often indicates negative emotional energies are influencing or damaging the client, despite all their personal efforts to break free, and heal themselves.

How to heal a family curse, or generational imprint, with a client

This particular application of chakra cord healing work requires firstly the ability to perform a standard cord clearing, followed by self-cord supportive work. After this is in place, the energy healer runs a second astral clearing frequency, and sends it deep within the mother or father cord (depending on the source of the curse) and back in time to the originator of the curse.

Once the healer has both frequencies in place – the client’s healthy chakra cord functioning, and the astral connection to the ancestor who originated the curse – a disconnection is put in place, effectively a variation of cutting a cord, but done with fluid emotional energies, rather than severing a relational cord.

So why not cut the cord rather than disable its ability to transmit the family curse / unhealed emotional charge to the client? Cords are complex in nature, and have a fourth-dimensional structure. They exist in a realm that contains both structure (etheric) and astral (emotional energies that flow along structures). Cutting a chakra cord is possible, but only by a highly trained and specialized shaman. The disable technique discussed in this article is far easier to do, and has the advantage of “side-stepping” the family karma, rather than ending the family connection.

Results of family curse clearing work

Often, more than one family curse clearing session will need to be performed, in order to cover all the variations in how the curse impacts the client’s life. But once the client receives substantial relief after one or more family curse sessions, they begin to internalize the process for themselves, and take on their own individuation apart from the family patterns, or family karma. They evolve beyond their family patterns.

Also, the disabling of the family curse often leads to unexpected breakthroughs that were not previously possible either in a particular relationship, or a family situation such as a business or inheritance issue. The previous “bad luck” is supplanted with good luck or positive shifts within the client’s situation, or physical health.

As with other energy healing skills, this is best learned in a workshop setting, rather than being taught over internet classes, or even trying to copy the technique from a written description. Anyone wishing to add this healing skill to their toolbox of techniques should first start with basic chakra cord cleaning work, before moving into running two discrete frequencies along a parental cord, with the intention of disconnecting the client from toxic ancestral energies.

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