Finding an entry point

learning to work with an issue

In Therapeutic Energy Healing, an “entry point” refers to a personal issue or developmental stage that the client is either suddenly aware of, or which is beginning to emerge as an important place for them to more closely examine. Once the Entry Point is made more conscious and clear, the result is an increase of psycho-emotional energy that helps to resolve or significantly reduce the issue with which the client is being challenged. The Six Session Series is the protocol that starts with either a clear Entry Point (the presenting issue which has brought the client to the energy therapist-healer), or helps to uncover hidden factors in the client’s process.

The auric energy field tends to develop naturally over the life span, but can easily become habituated in its sensitivity and expression. Shock or some form of trauma to the client, such as difficulties encountered during childhood, support emotional or cognitive habits that, in later life, are detrimental to the overall well being of the person. For instance, if a client had an emotionally withdrawn mother, her own internalization of mothering will be organized around similar experiences from her childhood. In some cases, she may overcompensate for her developmental challenges of a cold mother, by being overly motherly with her own children. But, whether or not she plays out one extreme or another, the developmental impact of her early life channels her own mothering of others (and her self-care) along very restrictive lines. To heal, to become more free and creative, this client will need to purge the past, come to terms with what happened to her, and develop her mothering nature along authentic lines of expression.

In this example, the Entry Point to a Six Session Series may be when the client is suffering health issues related to her own self-care, in effect a symptom of her internalized cold and uncaring mother energy. Relational Energy Therapy does not focus on deepening the revealing factors of the issue, but rather begins to generate strong and positive connections to the archetypal mother energy that is hard-wired into the auric energy system. The second chakra and its relational cords to significant others on the clients life, can be cleaned and energized. But the Entry Point in this particular case, will organized the Six Session work around the fourth chakra, as it is this that dedicates emotional bandwidth first towards self-care, and later towards the caring of others.

This particular Six Session Series can use the Entry Point of accessing the healthy, emotionally-available energetic wiring of the clients energy system to begin building new, inner resources that effectively elevate the client’s experience of self-care and mothering past that of her actual history. Focusing mostly on what went “wrong” in her early life is not our primary aim; we are looking for doorways that lead towards healthy and generative experiences for the client, in both her inner life, and in her outer relationships with others.

Entry points require some knowledge of the different stages of development that are housed within the major and secondary chakras, so the therapist-healer can create a suitable energy session for any particular issue with every unique client situation. The emphasis is always on finding a deficit or challenged developmental stage in the client’s psycho-emotional experience, and then immediately moving towards its healthy expression. In most cases, once the energy system begins to experience better ways for it to operate, it will begin to shift in that general direction. And, if there is a resulting sabotaging of new forward momentum, a new Entry Point can be formed, and which deepens the search within for any hidden astral or emotional body agenda.

Entry Points allow the Relational Energy Therapist to model the shamanic healing perspective for the client: that, there is no error or irrelevant event in anyone’s life, but only an opportunity to erase the emotional charge and power of the past, and replace it with a newer, more potent vision and experience. Once this new vision for the self coalesces, the client experiences growth and personal empowerment in their lives. Once the power of the past is pruned back, new growth takes over. And the client makes new and important choices for themselves.

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