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the important work of Dr Stylianos Atteshlis

Some of the most profound teaching I have received as an energy healer has been my study of the esoteric Christian mystic and healer, Dr Stylianos Atteshlis (Στυλιανός Αττεσλής), perhaps better known as Daskalos (1912-1995). Although I was first introduced to him through the fictionalized works of Kyriacos Markides, and his famous book, “The Magus of Strovolos” – a book sensationalizing Daskalos’s work – I went on to make a long study of the Researchers of Truth study circles. Eventually I went to visit Dr. Atteshlis in Cyprus a few years before he passed away. Although his in-person lectures at The Stoa, the building where he taught, were challenging (Daskalos possessed a thick Greek accent, and taught in a delightfully uncompromising fashion!) I had been prepared by listening to him previously via audio recordings made by previous students. My personal meeting with him was a tremendous honor, and a delight.

I came upon his work almost too late, as not long after my visit to Cyprus he passed away, but I remain profoundly affected even to this day. Two of his published books, “The Esoteric Teachings” and “The Esoteric Practice” are essential reading in the field of energy healing study. I hope you will choose to hear the wisdom and the dedication to self-realization of Daskalos by working your way through his material. Also, you can contact his organization on Cyprus (see links below) and see if there are any study groups near your home town.

In “The Esoteric Teaching”, Dr Stylianos lays out the frame work of his conceptual and actual relationship with the Divine, and especially with the Astral world. This is a rich book, albeit couched in terms of esoteric Christianity and Magickal practice. For instance, in the ninth chapter he covers the three bodies of humankind: the gross material body, the psychic body (in my work, the “Etheric” body), and the lower/higher noetic body (which corresponds in my work to the Astral body; that which is created through consciousness development, or self awareness work), and explains in detail how the three bodies interact with each other. Dr Stylianos preferred to refer to the Etheric level as a “double” or template, of the three bodies.

Daskalos also writes in depth about the vitally important concept of your Temporary Personality (current incarnational identity) and your Permanent Personalty (soul identity, passed on from incarnation to incarnation). This distinction is vital for the higher levels of energy healing, as we come to distinguish between the tasks and issues of this life time, and those being worked through (or partially solved) in previous life times, as stored in the Permanent Personality.

If you like “The Esoteric Teaching”, you will love “The Esoteric Practice”. Filled with exercises and visualizations once only available to Researcher of Truth teaching circles, you will have in your hands the closest thing to a self-teaching system for energy healing. Are you hundreds of miles away from any healing teacher? Can’t afford distance tutorial sessions over Skype? Then buy these two books and pore over them, absorb them to the best of your ability. Teachings will come to you, and experiences will follow. Or, form your own study circle, with friends of like mind, and practice the exercises. These books are truly a gift to us, from an amazing mystic, and a powerful healer.

Link: Researchers of Truth website.

Link to order these books through The Stoa Series.

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