Energy Healing for bone fractures

supportive energy work

From an energy healing point of view, recovering from a bone fracture is an invitation to not only enhance the fracture healing process, but to move towards strengthening the overall health of the entire skeleton, and supportive ligaments and muscles. But the first priority is to enhance the natural healing of the fracture, before taking on the underlying work of whole-body healing.

Energy work can support the three stages of fracture healing (inflammation, reparative, remodeling) with emphasis on encouraging the client to increase their protein uptake, anti-oxidants, and have additional minerals added to their diet. Here’s an approximate energy healing protocol, for working with one, or more, fractures:

Inflammation stage: immediately after the fracture has occured, energy healing can support the body to quickly move through reducing inflammation and into the reparative phase. Frequencies of cooling pranic energy can be directed to, and around, the fracture. This is especially helpful in reducing pain and any discomfort, including nerve pain due to swelling.

Reparative stage: as well as encouraging the intake of additional protein and supplementary minerals, energy healing can assist the client in assimilation of the nutritional increase by targeting mitochondrial health and efficiency. Note, however, that this pranic frequency will tend to heat up the cells of the body (as it increases protein synthesis), running counter to the cooling needs of the inflammation stage. Caution should be used as the energy healer moves from initial triage (inflammation) into the early healing stages (reparative).

Remodeling stage: as the reparative stage matures, etheric template work can be added in to support the shift from soft callus to hard callus. If you are skilled in etheric template work, this can actually be started even in the inflammation stage, and throughout the reparative stage. The healer just needs to be able to differentiate between etheric (cool, structured, light-body healing) and physical or astral healing work (utilizing multiple pranic frequencies that stimulate or support the physical body). If the healer is unclear about these major differences, stay with the basic protocol of first reducing inflammation, and then move into the later stages once the client is out of discomfort.

For a good overview of speed healing bone fractures, please visit Dr Susan E. Brown’s article, available here: How to Speed Fracture Healing.

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