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What exactly is the “energy” component of “energy healing”? We are not using the word the way a scientist uses it. Rather, many healers assume that the “energy” they transmit is an aspect of their own life force: their Qi, their Prana. When the healer touches the client, the assumption is that the higher Prana of the healer (accumulated in their body due to diligent spiritual practice, or because of natural inclination) “jump-starts” or re-energizes the depleted parts of the client’s energy body. In other words, we naturally use the electric battery as a metaphor for the exchange of healing energies, where healing energies flow from a higher source into a lower source.

But, what happens when the healer gives a distance energy healing session? Clearly, there is no “jump” of higher to lower, through physical contact. And yet many healers give significant and sustainable energy healing transactions, using only a point of reference (for instance, a photograph of a client, or their name) along with some form of energetic exchange that helps the client in some significant way (transmission). How can we explain this?

I would propose that there are two factors at play, in the transmission of healing energetics across space: Etheric Structural Change, and the application of Lucidity. Let’s break down these two terms, and see how they would operate like metaphoric chopsticks, in that both are needed to interact with the energy body of the client.

The etheric structure of reality is not boundaried by space: it is Quantum in nature, not Newtonian. The etheric underlies complex structures of nature and of the human body, and extends far into space, and perhaps into dimensional realities outside of our everyday world. It is the oak tree already energetically pre-existing in the acorn. It is the DNA of structured reality, but at far more levels of “reality” than we can conceive. Interacting with the etheric is accomplished by so-called Psychic Development, where the individual finds a way to access the etheric through training, or by natural talent.

The psychic intuitively understands that all things are connected, all life flows between and around structures in space and time, and by becoming aware of these forces can learn to change them to some extent. The technology to do this can be found in the ancient traditions of Magick, famously defined by Aleister Crowley as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”, , which has mapped out ways in which esoteric practitioners can both perceive, and change, the flow within or around any etheric structure*. And, if we cannot change something, we can perhaps influence it to turn in a more humane, non-suffering, direction.

Etheric energies are directed by aspects of the higher chakras, and their connection to both an evolving human being, as well as an understanding of how etheric structure functions. But, as with any skill, this requires discipline and training. Etheric work is done both by an act of human will as well as in cooperation with the healer’s higher chakra functioning. Together, mental imagery plus knowledge of functional flows, creates the etheric healing skill set.

The second factor is Lucidity: the transmission of an awakened clarity of mind that stimulates a similar awakening in the client. Lucid energies are multi-dimensional, in that they consist of many coexisting realities that are mysteriously synchronized with each other. This energy includes emotional content, but this particular feeling state is beyond any polarity of good or bad, right or wrong. It is transformed awareness that is shared with another: it is shaktipat, or transmission of insight.

When you combine etheric structure and lucidity, you then have the tools to help a client at a distance, assuming you have a point of contact (by Zoom, photograph, or a hand-written letter from them). The distance energy healer then brings these two skills together, with the intention to help the client to surmount an obstacle, to heal their body, or to transform a challenging relationship. It does this by finding a structurally sound movement forward, in the client’s energy body, and then by infusing that directional shift with lucidity and opportunity.

The Astral Energy Field can be defined by our connections to others, and by how our relationships help us evolve, or have come to hold us back from positive change. Once we have the skills to tap into the functional mechanics of the etheric bodies, and we learn to energize those structures with lucidity, then we are no longer helpless in the face of the ebb and flow of the everyday world. We can, as Crowley emphasized, “… cause in any object any change of which that object is capable by nature”. We can help people heal, and come to develop lucidity for themselves.

One must find out for oneself, and make sure beyond doubt, who one is, what one is, why one is … Being thus conscious of the proper course to pursue, the next thing is to understand the conditions necessary to following it out. After that, one must eliminate from oneself every element alien or hostile to success, and develop those parts of oneself which are specially needed to control the aforesaid conditions.

Aleister Crowley

How does effective distance energy healing work?

But how can an energy healer train to do this kind of work? I will suggest that it requires three different areas of competence.

The first and most important issue is the healer should have significant experience in hands-on energy work, such that results from their treatments have had a verifiable impact on their clients.

Secondly, the distance healer needs to develop psycho-emotional skills, such that they can meld their treatments with internal, or “mind screen” focus. It is not enough to “intend” or wish energy healing protocols into a session with a distant client. The prana used in distance sessions should still be felt, and experienced, by the distance healer, even though their client is thousands of miles away in physical space.

Thirdly, there needs to be a way to focus on the client clearly, and to receive some kind of feedback about the healing work, so as to fine-tune the results.

The use of Zoom video calling, of instant messages and photographs sent over the internet, and even voice-only telephone calls, all act to “focus” the distance energy healer’s work, and is far preferable to older distance healing methods that relied on psychometry (token object reading) or just focusing on the individual’s full name. Visual or audio connections allow the distance energy healer to hold a clear focus: one that provides a clear conduit for their energy healing protocols to flow through the healer.

Because these three areas of competence take many years to develop within any healer, I will not be offering a public training program in this area, except for my serious students. I see distance energy healing work as emerging out of existing hands-on healing practice, effectively expanding the reach of any energy healer or energy therapist from local clients to anyone living anywhere on the planet. The availability of the internet, and instant communication using audio or video calling, has transformed this specialized area of healing work into one which has great potential, and one which is gaining prominence.

Examples of specialized distance energy healing protocols:

  1. Preparation for surgery, and post-surgical healing enhancement
  2. Recovery from Cerebrovascular accidents
  3. Bone fracture energy healing enhancement
  4. Addiction recovery support

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* Note that the etheric structure is not changed; it is how the energy flows within the structure, or how the etheric structure is used, that is affected by distance healing. No “restructuring” occurs; only access to a higher form of usage by the client.

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