Effective results and energy healing

sustainable or renewed growth is valuable

Relational Energy Healing enhances personal growth and spiritual development by providing four ways to progress:

1. By clearing blockages or stagnant energy flows from our energy body, including Astral healing work.

2. Reconnecting or repairing the “wiring” of consciousness, so that what needs to work does work: the chakra system, and your chakra cords.

3. Assist the client in resolving inner (personal) developmental issues, relationship issues (adult-adult), and to face the universal/divine meaning of their life challenges.

4. Deepen the client’s personal development by re-initializing their energy system so that they can further evolve, or can move from a place where their lives may have been co-opted by trauma, or not receiving adequate nourishment from life.

The touchstone in any professional field is that the work leads to effective and sustainable results. Energy healing is just another form of massage unless it deeply affects the consciousness of the client, and provides a definite change in the feeling body, and in the physical body. Many energy healers can produce such shifts, but they may not be sustainable, nor lead to deep personal growth. Like a flat battery getting a cable boost from a stronger car battery, the client’s energetic “engine” will start. But such results often fade with time, because the underlying structural problems have not been addressed. Simplistic energy healing work can be palliative, but not curative. By contrast, experienced and trained energy healers offer long-term strategies to their clients, providing both immediate change and sustainable growth.

If you have already received an energy healing from an intuitive or untrained healer you may have become disappointed that the results did not sustain over time, or that nothing radically changed for you after your healing. You may have lost confidence in the field of energetic healing. I do encourage you to try again, this time by finding an experienced and trained practitioner. Even better, try several different healers and energy healing styles, until you find one that works really well for you. Invest your time and hard-earned money in your personal development, because a successful healing event could affect everything of importance in your life. You will know you have found an effective healer when you noticeably start to move in the right direction in your life … and you keep on going. Yes, it will take time, but one day you will become a new person, the person you were always meant to become in this lifetime.

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