Developing the emotional body

healing and personal growth through the auric energy body

There is nothing more vital to our time spent on the planet than to first heal, and then to further develop, the emotional body. This is pivotal to our personal goals and to our spiritual aspirations, no matter our focus in life. Without repairing what is emotionally damaged, or supporting what was never encouraged in our early life, we will usually remain locked in recurring patterns of self-expression, and in relationships that reinforce our past experiences.

The last one hundred years have seen tremendous strides forward in psycho-emotional knowledge, as well as differing styles we can expore that both heal us, and take us forward. Freud, Jung, and many other clinicians took original concepts, and then made creative use of their preferences, with the aim to help others with emotional problems, and then go on to tap into inner and outer resources. Therapeutic energy healing models such as Relational Energy Therapy draw heavily on these earlier and potent styles, but add in actual contact with the psycho-emotional energy system itself. Direct psychic energy healing within a therapeutic context, allows us to bring together the clinical world of psychology with the energy healing of today.

The auric energy system, like the material body which it supports, can adapt to and tolerate a wide spectrum of dysfunction, and maladaptation to basic human needs. What makes energy healing work different from psychology or psychotherapy is that it taps directly into the functionality of the client’s energy system, with a view to either heal (repair and strengthen what is damaged) and advance towards a more balanced and resilient energy body. This process is equivalent to emotional body healing, and to astral body development: they are one and the same.

Therapeutic Energy Healing Sessions

The Six Session Series  (as well as the Big Three Mini-Series) have a two-prong approach that encompasses both the repair and healing work on the client’s energy system, and the goal to enhance and balance their overall energy system. These two events combine synergistically to open the client up to psycho-emotional insight, and to access the courage needed to make the leap from one level of personal development into the next one. Sometimes the insights come early on in the treatment cycle, but often they come weeks or even months afterwards. Every client, every issue, has its own timing and rhythm. This is another reason why I offer reinforcement recordings; reviewing previous work, via the audio record, can help see what is coming out in our lives.

The Review and Reinforcement Recordings are part of the service included in Therapeutic Energy Healing sessions.

To heal the emotional body, we need to first be able to track what is actually going on, in our feeling world. This means we must articulate – give words to – our experiences. Then, we can be helped by another to sift through these, and identify entry points into healing that which needs repairing. Finally, in Relational Energy Therapy work, we can then make use of a newly-charged and more effective emotional body, essential for creating the vision for the next level of our emotional development. We can encourage a personal vision to form, one not based on repeating past events in our lives, but one which taps into our creativity and our passion for individuality. We learn to move from habitual patterns into freedom.

As we grow, our emotions will mature and grow in support of both our personal and our spiritual goals: healthy expression of our needs, and the growing ability to empathize with the needs and choices of others. The emotional body evolves towards acceptance of itself, and of others, with healthy boundaries and personal choice moving back and forth between these two important areas of our lives. And it is then that we come to learn that we can change ourselves, forever. It is only then that we become free.

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