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Therapeutic Energy Healing develops specific healing skills that can be readily applied to different clinical specialties. By following certain protocols, energy therapists can leverage their existing skills that address chakra health and development, chakra cord clearing, and astral healing work, by porting the same skills over to a clinical situation.

Here is one example of a particular clinical case, of addressing cataracts in both eyes. Below is the protocol, which is taken directly from etheric and astrally-based skills used in chakra and chakra cord energy therapy work.

1. Therapeutic pre-session dialogue: every RET session begins with the healer-therapist reviewing the client’s history and goals for the session, to find access points for the application of particular energy healing skills. In the case of age-related cataracts, there are two applications of this skill set that can be utilized (Etheric work, and Astral or emotional body work), so in the dialogue we want to explore what is – and is not – being “seen” clearly. Although the health issue is in the clouding of the ocular lens, there will probably be nervous system challenges. The pre-session dialogue would look at past and present issues in the client’s clear viewing of internal or external events.

2. The second part of the protocol, following chakra and chakra cord work with the same set of skills, would be emotional clearing of energetic imprints taken on from others. Astral clearing skills are brought to bear, first in clearing the outer boundary of the client, and then moving into the energetic brain, ocular system, and the lens of each eye. Emotional clearing of others precedes more personalized or client-centered healing work, because it eliminates or reduces any resistance to personal growth insight and the subsequent resetting of the client’s energy body.

3. After emotional clearing, a practitioner can move on to etheric strengthening: charging and aligning the physical-etheric structure of a healthy ocular system, with specific focus on the lens, and the retina/nervous system interface. The etheric strengthening is done to support the best possible healing response to vision and eye health, in conjunction with encouraging the best nervous system and perceptual accuracy of the client’s eyes.

4. Finally, and in a separate therapeutic session, the healer-therapist can adapt the sixth session of the Six Session Series, and “clear” the sixth chakra and related upper chakra centers. This has the impact of supporting inner vision, and emotional healing: seeing the world clearly, dealing with the emotional impact that invariably follows, and integrating a higher vision (physical and emotional) for the client.

As technical as this description sounds, it is simply an adaption of the Six Session Series skills to a particular clinical situation. Once these essential skills (astral or emotional body clearing, and etheric strengthening) have been learned, it is natural to then apply them in any clinical application. The four parts of the example protocol listed above, give one health issue that can be looked at, but many other health challenges can follow this same sequence.

The advantage of applying these protocols to any clinical setting, is that the healer-therapist is leveraging existing skills (astral/emotional, and etheric/structural) to a specific set of health concerns, rather than learning unique skills for every health issue. Following previously learned protocols streamlines the healing work. It also provides the client with a reinforcement recording that they can use after the healing has been completed.

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