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The Six Session Series, as well as Single Sessions, are recorded on an audio mp3 file for the client, who has the option to download and play them back later. I call this the Reinforcement Recording.

Clients can either review the dialogue portion , or choose to only replay the energy healing treatment portion. I find that this process greatly adds to the forward momentum of change, from week to week. Many clients report that their Reinforcement Recordings are a wonderful support to their integration of energy healing work into their lives. I asked three of my clients to comment on how they, personally, used their session recordings.

1. Client W.A., who has weekly Energy Health sessions, wrote, “I have been, happily, working with Dean for well over a year now, and I find that the recordings of our sessions are truly helpful.

First, when I was quite ill, I found that they were so immensely soothing that I used them as a method to return to sleep when I woke in the middle of the night!

I find that the feeling I get during the session, the tingling, or the pulsing, re-occurs in my body and the healing is doubled, and on the occasions I have listened more than once, the healing still continues to come through, although it does lessen.

A recent session was rather different. Well, they are all different, and I felt alert at the end of the session rather than soothed and calm, and at times sleepy. It took only a moment before Dean mentioned that this particular energy left you alert and awake! And when I re-listened, I again felt the alertness – a bit more spirit.

I also find that if, during the session, we discuss something, I cannot always recall what was said. Re-listening is a powerful method of understanding and allowing a message to sink in more deeply.

I am frequently amazed that I lie in bed in London and feel the healing energy throughout my entire body, coming all the way from Borneo. And I am deeply grateful for it all.

I am totally convinced that this work has helped me to recover and keep steady throughout my cancer, and the re-listening has deepened all that the sessions has done for me.”

2. Client DD, who has Six Session Series devoted to her personal and spiritual development, wrote, “I first listen to the conversation portion, and summarize it in a dedicated journal that is my guide to these sessions. I record a description of what I asked you, Dean, of what my feelings were going into the session, or just where my head was that day.

I do this because I have noticed that during the healing segment, in addition to what ever it is you are doing in general for the chakra we are addressing, you sometimes mention in passing that you are subtly customizing or adding a certain frequency into the mix, based on snippets of our conversation.

By recording this all in my journal I have now built an index of sorts, one that I can look through and pinpoint which past sessions might be of use to me, as time passes, and if similar thoughts and feelings resurface in me. I will then listen to the healing portion of that session gain. Often, I have broken through some niggling little remnant that was re-surfacing, using this method, even when I am re-visiting a session many weeks old.

I always listen to the latest healing segment at least once during the week following a session, and before the next session. I find I am more relaxed, when doing this, and can follow along in a deeper way. I will often pause the recording, and really let an aspect or feeling wash over around and through and past me.

I feel that the repeat listening to the healing portion is still close to the real-time experience, very active, and still potent. Once an new session is in place, then somehow the focus is different.

My use of the sessions really is more flexible than this system makes it sound, but my index, my concise summing up of out conversations, has been valuable, rather than only listening to my voice drone on, and on!

Secondly, the issue of the potency of the recorded healing work is an interesting one. I can say that in my experience the session does stay ‘alive’. The “me” that is listening has changed, but the healing work recording accommodates that change. Indeed, I feel that really there is no ceiling or limit of any kind on these healing sessions. They are not locked or frozen in the progression of “I was like that then and I am not like that anymore”. They are not only effective if you are the same person who received the original work; they apply to, and work from, where you are now.

I love having my recordings. They are very important tools for me. I find that they are most effective in the wee hours of the mornings, after I have been asleep, but am not yet ready to get up for the day.”

3.Client NL, who has Six Session Series devoted to chakra cord and Astral work, wrote: “The recordings for me can serve several functions. Each recorded session has two parts, the discussion segment and the treatment.

The treatment segment is good for following up and getting the most out of each treatment. Especially for deepening into developing one’s own skill set, or working on a long held pattern. Here, one can learn protocols, and try to practice the various frequency shifts as well as working on making, or reinforcing, shifts.

The discussion segment can be useful for tracking one’s own progress and understanding the dynamics of my situation. We can hear ourselves putting out our perception of what is going on, and gain insights into the energetics of the situation, how it is effecting us, as well as how we are participating in it. In review this can be useful in looking for shifts and in reviewing successes. It is also useful for going over the more stagnant issues, and reoccurring symptoms and themes. In the review one can maybe gain a new insight into the more stubborn problems.

One important thing in getting the most out reviewing treatments is to organize them. I break mine down by each Session Series, labeling standalone sessions as Session x.5. I leave my name and the session number for each session and then add short themes to the file name, ones that cover the core of each session. This keeps them in chronological order while also letting me quickly see the core of each treatment.

It is good to go back and review, some themes or session can be forgotten. It is also good to review the functioning of each chakra, and the Dan Tiens.

Reviewing after each session two or three times is a good plan, but reviewing sessions after a long time can also be insightful in tracking changes, and in working on things that we have forgotten about. I recently stumbled upon some useful mother cord treatments we did that helped me quite a bit.

I use the ranking system to flag session that pertain to current things I am engaged with. I drop the rank as I feel I no long need to focus on that skill set at the time and then promote the ones that I think still need work. These rankings change, as thing improve in one domain, other domains and new feeling states come to the fore. There is an ebb and flow to this.

I am not sure if there is anything novel to my approach but that’s how I use them, either to drill, give myself treatments, review astral energetics and relation dynamics, track my own progress and shifts, look for patterns, listen to changes in my own voice or how I talk about things.

While I am a dedicated and studious fellow I do think it is wise to recommend your clients to listen to each recordings treatment segment at least once, if not multiple times, and between each session. I would also suggest a yearly check-in, to review one’s whole history. If the client is also developing skills then tagging, practicing, and reviewing, is even more important.”

I want to thank all these clients for their generous reviews on how they use the Reinforcement Recordings. I hope this article is helpful for both new, and experienced, clients and students.

© 2016 by Dean Ramsden. All rights reserved.

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